Good post at Early Retirement Extreme about having the right motivation when you retire early

I always appreciate his articles, especially when he gets into a deep topic. In this one, he discusses how not having intrinsic motivation for something else when you retire will cause you to fail (either returning to work, or worse). Good read.

Lack of intrinsic motivation will destroy your early retirement

Monthly update – Feb 2018

Keeping it rolling, only 29 months from Financial Independence!

A pretty good month to celebrate!

  • For the first time, our investment assets (not counting savings, checking, home, etc.) hit over $1M
  • Good month for gains – got a 1.36% monthly gain, in addition to what I put in
  • Was able to roll my Dad’s IRA required distribution and some additional savings (total of $9K) directly into investments, and I bumped up my deferred pay allotment as well. All total, I put in about $13K into my investments in January alone. Getting into FIRE really motivates you to save.
  • Did my first travel hack! Mrs. 39 Months and I attended a dulcimer conference in mid-January, and got to stay at a nice hotel for free. Sweet!
  • Traffic on the site exploded, up over 200% from my 2017 monthly average. Thanks for tuning in!

A great way to start the year. I want to keep the momentum going.

My “fun money” value portfolio was interesting. I have three stocks in them (Gilead, Beasley Broadcast and SBS). I’ve already gone over why I chose them.  Gilead is up 12% for the month, and SBS is up 10%, However, Beasley is down about 1.5%. Overall, they’ve been great picks, and I’m up 2.5% for January (even counting my bond fund losses). About that – when I was originally planning it, I thought I’d set it up as a dividend account as well – so I have Bond Funds in it. Since I want to evaluate value with this money, I’ve decided to sell the bond funds, and invest the money in a Vanguard Value fund. I’ll do that at the beginning of February, so I will have a “baseline” to compare my stock picks to.

My inherited IRA that I set up for Dividends didn’t do well in January. Since its 25% REITs and 50% bond funds, you would expect with the raging economy and work on raising the prime interest rate, they’d suffer – and they did. Overall, they are down -1.8% for January. Not unexpected.

My company 401K and deferred accounts are up about 6% for January, because they are more heavily invested in stocks (25% S&P, 25% Small Cap, 25% Int’l, 25% bonds). Small cap really knocked it out of the park.

Our IRAs and Roth IRAs came back in around 1.2% for the month – pretty good. These are the ones that are 30% bonds, and then evenly split over REITs, Small Cap, Int’l and S&P 500. Again, good returns, and not unexpected.

While I expect a market correction at some point, I think we will be able to weather it, provided the Zombie Apocalypse doesn’t come. My plan is to re-balance in July, unless the market really goes crazy.

Hope your new year is starting well!


Mr. 39 Months.