Drawdown Strategy Analysis – using “Power of Zero” – V2 using lessons from the book

My last post, I covered the traditional way to withdraw upon reaching retirement (all your taxable, then all your tax deferred, and finally, all your tax-free spending. In the end, I was left with $1.1M in my Roth IRA. I also did the analysis with a withdrawal rate of $84,000/year (of which 8,500 if Fed/State … Continue reading “Drawdown Strategy Analysis – using “Power of Zero” – V2 using lessons from the book”

Drawdown Strategy Analysis – using “Power of Zero”

After reading The Power of Zero  I decided to do an analysis on how effective this would be versus my current drawdown plan.  Some of the key aspects of the analysis include: Withdrawal amount after taking into account taxes Effect of revenue on social security Effect of revenue on medical subsidies As you remember from my … Continue reading “Drawdown Strategy Analysis – using “Power of Zero””

Mr. 39 Months “Drawdown” plan

May 2, 2018 Updated drawdown plan, based on “Power of Zero” analysis Okay, as I get more information, I continually have to look at adjusting my draw down plan – even as I hit 26 months to go. If you remember from my previous draw down update, the desire of Mrs. 39 Months to continue … Continue reading “Mr. 39 Months “Drawdown” plan”

Spread-sheeting your way to Financial contentment…

Like most of you, I’m a spreadsheet junkie, and I love nothing better than to open one up and redo my financial calculations. I could spend hours doing “what ifs” with our finances (and I often do). What I find fascinating is that there hasn’t really been a good software packaged developed, that I know … Continue reading “Spread-sheeting your way to Financial contentment…”

Well I screwed up…..

 In working through my “Power of Zero” philosophy and plan, which included doing a Roth IRA conversion from my IRAs to Roth (in the hopes of keeping my taxes low to non-existent in retirement) I failed to take into account hitting the limits on who can pay into a Roth. In order to put money … Continue reading “Well I screwed up…..”

Medical Costs in year 1 of early retirement

As we get closer to FIRE, one of the things Mrs. 39 Months and I (and so many others) get concerned about is paying for medical costs prior to hitting age 65. In the US, Medicare picks up at that age, and though there are still medical bills, Medicare does help pick up a lot … Continue reading “Medical Costs in year 1 of early retirement”

Addicted to Saving….

One of the big “kicks” I got from joining the FIRE community was ideas on how to improve my savings and accelerate my timeline to reaching financial independence. For over a decade I thought that my mid 20% savings rate was very good – until I started reading articles and realizing what I was letting … Continue reading “Addicted to Saving….”

Update to draw down strategy – Mar 2018

After going through the health care analysis earlier, I (like so many others) have had to adjust my retirement plans and drawdown strategy to account for Obamacare and changes to it. Like so many others, as well, I will have to continually monitor the situation and make changes. In addition, Mrs. 39 Months looks like … Continue reading “Update to draw down strategy – Mar 2018”