Blogroll Purge IV – Aug 2021

I have written several times before about the need to clean up/purge the blogroll to the right, so that viewers can get recent, up-to-date commentary on FIRE related topics (and other areas that I’m interested in).

People stop writing in their blogs for a variety of reasons. Some folks like Cracking Retirement, just exhaust what they want to say, and decide to step away – and take the opportunity to announce it on their blogs.

Others do a “slow fade” and stop posting regularly. What I always try to do is leave them up for several months, in the hopes they will get “re-inspired” and start posting again. After 3+ months, my thought is that they will probably not be returning – so I drop them.

This gives me the space and opportunity to put up new bloggers and commenters on the blogroll, and introduce people to other ideas. Hopefully its of service to you.


Mr. 39 Months

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2 thoughts on “Blogroll Purge IV – Aug 2021”

  1. I just love SEEING blogrolls still!! Used to be huge back in the day, and then slowly overtime people took them down to keep people on their site more… Was such a great way to find new blogs to follow 🙂

    1. I agree. I’m not trying to monetize my site, so I want folks to explore as much of the FIRE community as possible. The aggregators I list have some good stuff – don’t forget to check them out!

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