Saturday Linkage

Oct 17, 2020

  1. Goals vs. Systems (Scott Adams); In his book, he details how his ability to create systems in his life has benefited him much greater than setting goals.
  2. The wrong way to think about debt (White coat investor); Goes through some of the arguments to have debt in this low-interest environment.
  3. Recycling meets reality (knowable Magazine); Problems with recycling – the real costs and issues
  4. Retirement Simulator (MinaFi); Another MonteCarlo simulator you can use to compare your plans.
  5. Five Questions for your next Net Worth Update (Banker on Fire). Good questions to ask yourself.
  6. How much it costs to live in every state for 30 years, ranked. (My Money Wizard)
  7. How much money should you have saved for retirement (The irrelevant investor). Suggested amounts, by age.
  8. Four Minute Tour of 193 SF house in the heart of Tokyo (You Tube)
  9. Does Working from home work for you? (Monevator); Interesting discussion in the age of Covid.
  10. You paid off your Mortgage, now what? (A wealth of common sense); The next thing to do with that mortgage payment, once its all paid off.
  11. Reconciling three retirement goals (Financial Samurai); 25x expensies, 20x income, 0.5% withdrawal

Saturday Linkage

Oct 3, 2020

  1. Weekly Travel Update – Appeal of cash back cards (travel miles 101): With the Covid virus, cash-back card bonuses are getting another look
  2. How the Federal Reserve decisions affect your finances (Simple Dollar): A ot of folks still don’t understand the effects the Fed has on their daily lives.
  3. What is financial literacy and why its important (my tipid tips); We should be teaching this stuff in high school.
  4. The opposite of the latte factor (four pillar freedom); Instead of trying to cut $5/day out of your expenses, why not trying to earn an extra $5/day?
  5. Exploring is better than traveling (budget life list); what is the difference, and why is it important?
  6. How to Prep for a natural disaster (get rich slowly); Its hurricane season!
  7. How to make money playing video games (think save retire): seriously?
  8. Six most common retirement mistakes (retirement manifesto); Some of these are obvious, some not-so-much
  9. Five unusual reasons to love self-employment (retire by 40); I think the flexibility would be the big one for me
  10. The 2020 outdoors east coast owners rally (reflections around the campfire); cute story about the little-show that could in the age of Covid.
  11. All the president’s tax men (go curry cracker); creative tax strategies in the 21st century.

Saturday Linkage

Sep 26, 2020

  1. 29 Psychological tricks to make you buy more (visual capitalist): sneaky marketers!
  2. Abundance mindset is more than money (money the wright way); Good article on how to feel abundant no matter what your net worth
  3. What are sunk costs and when to ignore them (women who money); Often we continue with a decision even though its not working out, because we have “sunk” time/energy/money into it. When do you walk away?
  4. How financial Aps get you to spend more (wired); Aps like Robinhood can have a very “dark side”
  5. Financial “rules of thumb” and when to break them (Kiplingers)
  6. Seems so Easy (humble dollar); The rules for managing your money is easy, but actually doing the steps is very hard
  7. Stop starting and start finishing (5 am Joel); the perils of multitasking
  8. Here’s why I love RV Parky (Route to retire); Ever wonder where you are going to park your RV on a cross-country trip? This Ap will help!
  9. How much money should you have saved for retirement? (The irrelevant investor); Rough levels you should have staged for each age of your life.
  10. No Judgement zone: Credit card churning (budget life list); There is risk in this strategy. If you are in control of it, itc an be rewarding – but you need to stay in control!
  11. Creative Grocery Shopping Tips to save money (my tipid tips)

Saturday Linkage

Sep 20, 2020

Sorry its a day late. Went backpacking this weekend and just got back.

  1. Why does the stock market go up? (Four pillar freedom):
  2. 7 Ways to develop better money habits (life and finances);
  3. It doesn’t pay to be a jerk at work (CNN): In the military, we understood this, and always “paid into the ‘favor bank’”
  4. How to get and maintain and 800 FICO score (Financial Pilgrimage);
  5. Roth 401K withdrawals (Fitax guy): Some of the complications of withdrawing or transferring Roth 401Ks
  6. I am so over productivity porn (bitches get riches); there does seem to be an overabundance of this.
  7. Kicking yourself when you are winning (Mr. Tako escapes); For so many of us, we tend to focus on our failures and errors, rather than patting ourselves on the back for our wins.
  8. Back from the brink of financial oblivion (the escape artist); interesting interview where someone did a lot of work to repair his life.
  9. Should I increase my credit limit? (Half banked); Everyone will typically say “no” to start, but he lays out the benefits and problems with increasing your debt limit. Good read.
  10. There’s still no such thing as a free lunch (financial bodyguard); One of the biggest “pet peeves” I have is when someone talks about getting or giving away something for free (especially the government!). Someone is paying for it, no matter what – and its probably you!

Saturday Linkage


  1. Can the 60/40 portfolio still work (A wealth of Common Sense); Good analysis on this traditional allocation and its potential future.
  2. The Best Friend Investors never heard of (evidence investor); Interesting story of how poor/corrupt 401K administrators were finally held accountable
  3. Eight Secrets to a Fairly Fulfilled life (Guardian);
  4. Five things you can do with an old 401K (Physician on fire):
  5. The Work from Home backlash is upon us (A Wealth of common sense); Time to go back to the office….

Saturday Linkage


  1. When can I retire? (Financial Pilgramage); good article on the author’s analysis on retiring early, Coast FI, and the reasoning behind it.
  2. Debtor’s Prison (Humble Dollar); how being in debt stifles your creativity and ability to affect your life – like you are in prison.
  3. Real Cost of Home Ownership (Clipping Chains): good analysis of the numbers in 3 parts.
  4. How to “Refire” in retirement (ESI money); Book review of “REFIRE don’t Retire” book, which discusses steps to move to a higher gear in retirement.
  5. How to RV in retirement (Retirement Manifesto); I keep threatening Mrs. 39 Months that we’ll RV upon retirement – and she is not having it.
  6. When to Quit (City Frugal); Why do people not quit, and how to make that final decision
  7. Are you trapped? (Full time finance); Good article discussing the issues where you have started in one direction, and the things which affect decisions to move forward or step away.
  8. History of Financial Independence (Get Rich Slowly); Nice rundown of the history of the movement – its older than you think
  9. Quitting my job during a Pandemic was a win (Budget life list); actually it was more of a job change than retiring early
  10. Three reasons why the stock market is doing well while unemployment is high (Simple Dollar)
  11. Nine Symptoms of unhealthy relationship with money (Physician on Fire); I think most folks in the community have managed to avoid these.

Saturday Linkage


Sorry I missed last week – got buried with landscaping work at home (dug up a lot of beds by hand, put down 5 cubic yards of mulch, planted perennials, etc.).

  1. Thoughts on passive investing “bubble (Early Retirement Now):
  2. Want to turn your finances around? (Simple Dollar);  8 things to remember at the beginning of financial changes.
  3. How to use Apps and websites to sell your stuff locally for free (tic toc life); Need to consider this for my side hustle
  4. Should I max out my 401K at the beginning of the year (Pete the Planner): What is the pluses and minuses of this strategy?
  5. Is our retirement in Panama Unexpectedly over? (Route to Retire); Some of the perils of retiring overseas.
  6. Why would anyone own bonds right now (a wealth of common sense); mirrors my own thoughts.
  7. The nine money and life lessons most people learn too late in life (CNBC);
  8. The Permanent Portfolio (the irrelevant investor); Interesting take on  a different type of portfolio to handle potential risks involving S&P500, one-month t-bills, long-term government bonds and gold.
  9. Celebrating Financial Independence wins along the way (Costa Rica Fire); Taking time out to celebrate the wins will keep the motivation high
  10. Action Creates Motivation (Get Rich Slowly); If you want to make changes in life, you can’t just plan, you must act as well.
  11. Seven Phases of retirement (Retire by 40); Good review of the progress from start to finish as you journey towards full retirement.
  12. Money Lessons they don’t teach in school (Four Pillar Freedom); Good list, including “owning assets leads to wealth” and Compound interest

Saturday Linkage


  1. What is the 30-day rule? (Millennial Money); what method to control impulse spending.
  2. Debt Freedom doesn’t equal wealth (Budgetnista); It’s a first step along the path, but just because you are debt-free doesn’t mean the story has ended.
  3. Asset Allocation: The security bucket (Physician on fire); Good description of your emergency fund and spending money for the next 1-3 years, and where you can place those investments.
  4. Twenty-Five Ways you could be saving money now (Simple Dollar); Nice list
  5. How to include charity in your budget (budgets are sexy); we set aside a percentage of our budget each month for this.
  6. Historical Returns of small cap and value stocks (mindfully investing); shows historical returns, which is where I had issues with our financial advisor’s numbers. Note that numbers are not adjusted for inflation.
  7. Solving the Housing Affordability Crisis (Financial Samurai); Can’t say I’m a fan of providing subsidized housing I think there are better ways to do this.
  8. How to enjoy early retirement (city frugal); Interesting list of some of the problems with our current retirement lifestyle, an dhow you can overcome them yourself.
  9. Fifteen Months into early retirement Q&A (Stop ironing shirts); Nice to get info from folks who have just started on the RE path.
  10. Retirement isn’t static (Cracking retirement); Be flexible with your plans. You don’t know what will come up, and you need to be prepared to take advantage of opportunities.
  11. Treehouse writing Studio (Retirement Manifesto); Someone’s always dreamed of a treehouse since he was a kid. How he made it work for him
  12. How much does it cost to repair your credit (Thinksaveretire); Costs for do-it-yourself to hiring someone to assist.

Saturday Links

July 18, 2020

  1. What I learned about myself after taking an investment loss (Costa Rica fire); thirty-three lesson about what they did wrong, and what they did to fix it.
  2. Perceived Safety of Bonds (Retirement Field Guide); Good explanation of how bonds aren’t really that safe, especially as inflation rears its ugly head.
  3. Retirement needs Stimulation (Cracking Retirement); The Chinese Covid virus has exposed the need to have friends, hobbies and stimulation once you retire.
  4. Summer vacation in the pandemic Area (retire by 40); Some ideas, primarily focused on road travel vs. air.
  5. Roth IRA conversion calculator (dqydj); Nice tool to show if you should convert, and how to do it.
  6. NVR BORD (The Retirement Manifesto); Very cute.
  7. Its OK to spend your savings (she picks up pennies); Another article that supports the idea that life is for living – don’t spend all your time being frugal – enjoy the journey along the way.
  8. My four goals (the humble dollar); good article on someone approaching retirement, and the goals they have for their money as they “ease into” retirement.
  9. How Rich people go broke (A Wealth of common sense); How do folks like Robert DeNiro lose all their money? What are the mistakes rich people make that cause them to lose it?
  10. The Most Vulnerable Cities (The Irrelevant Investor); The difference between having businesses that need employees on site vs. work that can be done remotely. Also, the variety of businesses vs. “one trick pony” cities.

Saturday Linkage


  1. Joining a Cult: The Financial Independence Counterculture (the physician Philosopher); One of us, one of us…
  2. Slow down … FIRE is not a race (Budgets are Sexy); Goes over the concept of “Coast FIRE” where you reach a point that you don’t have to continue to contribute to your retirement accounts, and eventually you will ge there. So do work you enjoy that just pays the current bills.
  3. My Thoughts on the “Passive Investing Bubble” (Early Retirement Now); Could all the folks investing in the S&P500 be creating a bubble?
  4. The Complete Guide to Withdrawing Funds Early From Your 401(k), IRA and Roth IRA  (MinaFI): Good discussion on ways for folks to access their retirement accounts prior to 59-1/2.
  5. Debt Freedom Doesn’t equal wealth (Budgetnistablog); It’s a step along the path
  6. States Without Income Tax: Is There a Benefit to Moving?  (you be three); States have to make their money somehow – so depending on your stage in life, the different states tax codes can help or hinder you.
  7. The Paradox of Thrift While Choosing Financial Independence  (medimentary); People save for a future purchase, an experience, or to maintain a certain lifestyle in the future.
  8. 15 Deep Insights about Death to Understand the Meaning of Life & Live Fully Alive  ( Some interesting observations, brought on by the death of a beloved pet.
  9. The Bear Market in Happiness  (a wealth of common sense); Common sense thoughts on finding happiness, especially in the age of Chinese Covid-19
  10. Five Milestones You Must Reach Before You Retire  (Retirement Manifesto); Some key things you must know/have done before you can be ready to retire.