Saturday Linkage:


  1. Don’t Watch, Read or Listen to Mainstream News (Freedom is Groovy); Since November, I’ve been on a “news blackout” and I’ve been a lot happier.
  2. A brief history of consumer culture (The Reader); Interesting notes about the dawn of consumerism in the 2th century.
  3. Keeping your medical records could save your life (One Frugal Girl); Tale of woe going to various specialists and them not having vital information on her condition, and how to request your medical information.
  4. Financial Advice on the Internet (Wallet Hacks): thoughts on when to take advice/ideas and when to pass on them.
  5. How to plan your days, months and years (Darious Foroux): For those of us who are planners, it’s a good article on how he plans his life, and how that worked out. Excellent read
  6. Its time to prepare for the market to get weird (A Wealth of Common Sense): Interesting discussion on how the Fed and elections may affect the markets and economy going forward.
  7. 2020 Goal review (Time in the Market): He didn’t do to well 
  8. Guide to Better Budgeting (My tipid Tips); Simple steps, easily applied
  9. Scared to Death of Early Retirement – no More! (Go Curry Cracker); Five years in, this couple provides update on how their doing.
  10. A Year Long Spending Moratorium (Get Rich Slowly); Useful exercise in only spending on essentials for a period of time.
  11. Common Real Estate Investing Mistakes – and how to avoid them (Women who money)

Saturday Linkage

Dec 26, 2020

  1. Why I joined, then left, the FIRE movement (The financial diet); The writer has several thoughts on militant folks and FI, but I believe she misunderstands most of the folks in it.
  2. Ten ways to lower your taxes (physician on fire); Many to get done before the end of the year.
  3. Top 5 reasons to retire with less than 25 years of expenses (passive income); The key point here is that you can alter your income (i.e. earn more) and your expenses.
  4. Cash-on-Cash return – the most important calculation in investing (the physician philosopher); Simple method and lets you see effects of different investing options.
  5. Too Thrifty? (Humble Dollar); “You shouldn’t live life always thinking about your future self.”
  6. The journey to one million (banker on fire); Lessons learned along the way
  7. Is successful investing about good luck or hard work (mindfully investing);
  8. Measure Twice, Cut Once (A reader’s story) (the retirement manifesto); Breakdown of a couple’s plans for retirement in 2024, with spending, income, and emotional health comments. Good read!
  9. Your Lifestyle has already been designed (raptitude); Interesting article on how your lifestyle is pushed by marketing and sales professionals. /
  10. Merry, Bright and On Budget (Budget Life List); Story of staying on budget for Christmas shopping
  11. Be Happy as you Want to be (My tipid Tips); Good message for the holiday season

Saturday Linkage

Dec 19, 2020

  1. How American Invests (; Long report with detailed data on how Americans have invested in 2020. Good read if you can get through it.
  2. A case for claiming social security early (ESI Money); This analysis is based more on folks who have their retirement already funded – what to do with their Social Security? In this case, it may be best to claim early.
  3. Using Leverage and Passive Income to achieve FI (Physician on Fire); using the leverage of your knowledge & experience, financial strength and time to invest in other people’s deals and hit your goals. Interesting idea.
  4. Friday Frugal Five (Tread Lightly Retire Early). Every week this site goes over five ways they’ve been frugal, including home cooking, walks in a national forest (vs. expensive vacations), etc.
  5. Three reasons it might be better to rent in 2021 (the simple dollar); I’ve noted that with the 2017 changes to the tax laws reducing deductibility, it often is better to rent vs. buy, as long as you invest the difference.
  6. How to start your financial life (a wealth of common sense); Good podcast on what you need to do starting out.
  7. Repairing a damaged 570 credit score up to 820 (budgets are sexy); Goes through story of a guy, how a credit score is calculated, and the steps he took to raise hi score over time. Entertaining reading!
  8. Seven Decluttering tips from the Minamalist home (Becoming Minimalist); Mrs. 39 Months would never agree to any of these. 9
  9. Fun, Frugal Toys you can make at home to save and entertain (financial Samurai); The kid always plays more with the box….
  10. How are normal people supposed to save for retirement (tony isola); The age old complaint – its only special folks who can achieve FIRE or retire
  11. Seven takeaways from my second year of FIRE (mina fi)

Saturday Linkage

Dec 12, 2020

  1. Start meeting your Money Goals with a Yearly Budget plan (Cash for Tacos); A good place to start if you are just getting started on the FIRE trip
  2. How Large Money Managers Control our Economy (Economic Liberties); Really something to be concerned about going forward
  3. The difference between 10-yr and 20-yr student loans (Simple Dollar); Payment schedule and effects of 10 vs 20-year
  4. Paying yourself first – 6 ways to automate your financial life (Physician on Fire)
  5. When’s the right time to sell (the irrelevant investor); Some good points on how to analyze when to sell a stock you have
  6. Average American debt by Generation (DQYDJ); Kinda sad that folks are in that much debt.
  7. FIRE: A few things I’ve learned along the way (financial bodyguard)
  8. What to expect from Early Retirement (Freedom is groovy); Looking forward to some of these, and interesting in how to deal with some of the others.
  9. How we minimize our Big 3 Expenses (Retire by 40); Housing, Transportation and Food.
  10. The Mad Retirement Rush of 2020 (Retirement Manifesto); Some of its forced retirement, some of its voluntary
  11. Myths and misconceptions about financial independence and early retirement (Get Rich slowly)

Saturday Linkage:


  1. Tips for Transitioning into early retirement (the Dragon’s Fire); Good tips for those of us planning to retire early  in the near future.
  2. Lessons from Japan’s Lost Decade (Go Curry Cracker); Interesting notes on the 30+ years of market “stasis” and what you can do to avoid it in your investment future.
  3. Year End Financial Checklist (Women Who Money); Good list of things to do before or right after the new year.
  4. Sequence of Return risk – why you should care (budgets are sexy); depending on when you choose to retire, the 4% rule will be a breeze, or it may need to have adjustments.
  5. How to retire in 5 simple steps (the retirement manifesto); Good summary of the steps needed to accomplish prior to retirement.
  6. What I learned after spending over $6000 on learning development (Costa Rica Fire); Investing in yourself is often one of the best investments you can make
  7. Budget is not a dirty word (My tipid tips);
  8. The youths are coming for the housing market (a wealth of common sense); No sign yet that the housing market is going to collapse. Still not enough housing.
  9. A Simple year end tax checklist (Go curry cracker); Good steps to take at the end of the year to reduce your tax bill
  10. Mental models for career changes (fs blog); In the new year, with Covid going away, I wonder how many people will seek out new jobs?
  11. Secret life of supermarkets (; One of the miracles of the modern age – the ability of folks to get inexpensive, plentiful food, within a short distance of home.

Saturday Linkage

Nov 28, 2020

  1. Be an Owner (Four Pillar Freedom); Excellent advice that is the core of financial independence.
  2. End of year financial checklist for high earners (passive income MD): For those making well over six-figures, there are certain steps that you can take to optimize. What
  3. Tips for Transitioning to early retirement (dragons on fire); Preparing mentally, managing expectations, be willing to take risks and to change.
  4. The End of passive investing (Banker on Fire); author writes about the standard arguments for active investing and the issues with them.
  5. Is Early Retirement Selfish? (1500 days); Goes through the standard arguments against FIRE, and rebuts them with excellent reasons to retire early.
  6. What if FIRE doesn’t work? (Monevator); Author riddled with doubt and concern, and discusses some of the issues when “The FIRE dream dies.”
  7. Life Moves On – 2020 Has Changed us (Cracking Retirement); What was important a few years ago may be less important now.
  8. Book review – How to Reinvent yourself in Retirement (esimoney);
  9. Are you too Frugal? (retire by 40); I think a lot of folks are 80% frugal, and they spend on the 20% of the items that really matter to them
  10. Always get a second opinion (full time finance); Good discussion on affiliate links on blogs, advertising in the internet age, and how a lot of items advertised on financial websites are not good options.
  11. The Prestige Trap (Wes Desilvestro);

Saturday Linkage

Nov 21, 2020

  1. What happens when you get everything you want (Why we money); Good philosophical article on reaching for goals and resetting – and how to embrace happiness now vs. immediately resetting new goals and never being satisfied.
  2. Two Years without health insurance and what I’m doing about it (Mr. Money Mustache); Easier to do when you are young and fit  
  3. 5 Ways Gig Economy Workers Can Save for Retirement (Wisebread); Basic ideas
  4. Documents Required for a Personal Loan (The Simple Dollar); An expensive way to borrow, but often the only way to consolidate debt or move forward. Don’t abuse it (debt).
  5. 3 Points You Should Do When You Are Losing Your Job (my Tipid Tips); Good points if you reach that point in your life
  6. How Our Pursuit of FIRE has Helped Us During the Pandemic (Retiring on My Terms); Taking control of your life decisions can help in any situation
  7. My Credit Scored Decreased Thirty-Four points! (Budget Life List); Credit utilization increased a lot, and only made minimum payments a couple of times. Ouch!
  8. Twitter thread on the logic of paying off your mortgage (; I know the numbers, but I still prefer to be debt free. In this age of uncertainty, with the potential for a financial tsumani hitting, I want to be debt free.
  9. When the dust settles (Irrelevant Investor); If you keep waiting for the “dust to settle” so you have the right time to invest – you will never invest.
  10. Peloton Alternatives: Get in shape without breaking the bank (Think Save Retire);
  11. A drive across America: Trip #2 (The Retirement Manifesto); A lot of retirees dream.

Saturday Linkage

Nov 14, 2020

  1. Lifestyle Creep (We want Guac): The Difference Between Lifestyle Creep and Improving Your Life
  2. The opposite of the Latte Factor (four pillar freedom); instead of cutting $1,825 from your existing level of spending each year, try earning an additional $1,825 each year.
  3. 20 Years of home price changes (visual capitalist)
  4. Contentment (clipping chains); Contentment: The Greenest Grass of the Them All  
  5. Never Assume (Humble Dollar); Numerous financial assumptions we make (richer people are happier?) that we shouldn’t.
  6. Entire FIRE community falls ill from Tainted Ramen Noodles (Accidental FIRE); Ha ha
  7. Budgeting that you won’t hate – backwards budgeting (physician philosopher)
  8. Spend less than you earn is the most important money habit (late starter fire); The first steps in achieving FIRE
  9. Consider but verify (freedom is groovy); With the current state of journalism today, you need to take everything written with a “grain of salt” because most of it is just pushing a narrative.
  10. Ten ways to sabotage your finances (retire by 40); Some are pretty obvious, some not so much.
  11. $1.3M in net worth, yet just scraping by right now (route to retire); Its not just your net worth, it’s the cash flow you can generate from that net worth

Saturday Linkage

Nov 8, 2020

Sorry it’s a day late – Mrs. 39 Months and I went out to visit the beach yesterday and just got back. Guess this is starting to be a thing. Everyone wants to “get out” as this Covid goes on.

  1. Vacant land as a real estate investment (Costa Rica Fire); Another opportunity/option to investment – but you need the money to hold on – and remember opportunity cost!
  2. Dear Graduate, do you want to retire in five years? (Early Retirement Extreme); Older article, but still valid.
  3. Three ways a professional bookkeeper will save you money (my tipidtips); They can be valuable
  4. Does renter’s insurance cover water damage (the simple dollar); With  so many folks renting, its important to know what is covered, and what isn’t.
  5. Work is so slow at the moment (just baggage enough); Waiting for a restructuring  to happen, but its been delayed every year for a dozen year.
  6. Spend less to live more (budget life list); The general concept behind the FIRE, Frugality and Minimalist movements.
  7. Contributions to a dependent care FSA given Covid (Full time Finance) Some of the special medical options you have due to the Covid virus
  8. 59 year old teacher goes from house hack to 13 properties (Coach Carson);
  9. Americans are moving out of dense costly cities (Axios); a trend which will accelerate in the years ahead
  10. Pint sized home in Australia live large (the design files); I love architecture like this
  11. How the erratic stock market of 2020 rewards smart decisions (the simple dollar); Sort of what we all thought.

Saturday Linkage: Bill Bingen revisits the 4% rule


  1. Bill Bingen revisits the 4% rule (FA-Mag); Excellent deep analysis on potential changes to the rule, based on updated data and market analysis over the last 20+ years.
  2. Is the 4% safe withdrawal rate obsolete (Can I retire yet): Good history of how the 4% rule came into effect, and what research has changed the thoughts around it.
  3. How my Investments have changed after reaching FI (Physician on Fire); Some interesting notes on how he has diversified his investments now that he has hit his “number.”
  4. How to waste your career one comfortable year at a time (Valley Girl Newsletter); For those of us still on the treadmill
  5. How to live like you are already retired (Incognito money):
  6. Best Online lenders (the simple dollar); If you are looking to improve the home, etc.
  7. Even a crystal ball won’t help (Evidence Investor); In the in the context of investing, having a crystal ball is overrated.
  8. What to make of 3rd Qtr GDP numbers (early retirement now); Still not back to where we were, but it’s a great bump back up!
  9. The destruction of Value (banker on fire); some discussion on why growth stocks have beaten value stocks over the last 10+ years. e
  10. How to live your values (City Frugal); Often we are out of sync with our values. It benefits us to reflect on them on occasion and take steps to get back in alignment.