Sunday Linkage:

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  1. How to Create Your Personal Financial Calendar (Less Debt More Wine) A Financial Calendar has every single bill due date throughout the entire year
  2. Car shortage could change buying behavior forever (Axios) The supply chain issues continue to cause havoc in a variety of industries.
  3. Appreciate What You Have While You Have It (One Frugal Girl) Good advice for all time
  4. Making the transition to early retirement: Our Five Year Plan (Rich Frugal Life) Excellent advice as you move towards FIRE
  5. Is the Fed Responsible for an 800% Gain in the Stock Market? (A Wealth of Common Sense) Yes
  6. 5 Reasons Why You Should Not Self-Manage Your Rental Properties (Passive Income MD) Advice I may need to heed.
  7. Inflation at 7%! Here’s why I’m not running for the hills (yet)! Early Retirement Now) I’m concerned – and have been for 10+ years about this.
  8. When is Enough Money, Enough? (Female in Finance) The eternal FI question – and it is different for each person.
  9. Own Your Career, What It Means to Own Your Career (ESI Money) concentrating on your own career will help you get there
  10. Relax, it’s OK to slow down (TawCan) This take a lot of time for FI folks to learn. Life is a journey and you should enjoy it as you go, even if it means you retire a couple of years later
  11. You Don’t have to buy individual dividend stocks to be a dividend investor (Dividend diplomats) I’m a fan, but we can’t seem to be able to find sufficient dividends at this time.

Saturday Linkage:


  1. Give Yourself A Performance Review: 10 Questions For Self-Reflection (Costa Rica FIRE)
  2. What It Means to Own Your Career (ESI Money) New Year’s resolution?
  3. Reader Case Study: Nursing Student by Day, Restaurant Worker by Night, Needing to Make Ends Meet (Frugalwoods)
  4. Dollar Cost Average vs Lump Sum (Go Curry Cracker)  Best way to invest a large lump of cash
  5. Think Most Millionaires Inherited Their Wealth? Think Again (Steve Adcock) “The notion that ‘most millionaires inherit their wealth’ is a myth”
  6. Fantasy vs. Reality in Early Retirement (Dragons on Fire) Its not all “peaches and cream”
  7. The Problem With Owning Beachfront Property: The Ocean (Financial Samurai) We still don’t know if we’re going to retire to the beach or the mountains – but I’m thinking mountains.
  8. How Much Does Experience Matter? (The Irrelevant Investor) How much do your earlier experiences hold you back?
  9. New Year Financial Checklist (Cash flows and Portfolios) Nice checklist
  10. Progress Isn’t Linear (Art of Manliness) All you have to do is look at the market and you can see this is true.
  11. 20 Most-Overlooked Tax Deductions, Credits and Exemptions (Kiplingers)

Saturday Linkage:


  1. Earn 2500 per stay with Hilton’s latest promo (Monkey Miles) As the travel miles 101 folks say “Taking advantage of promotions on hotel stays you were planning anyway is an awesome way to earn more points”  
  2. Top Of The ARKK To You (Impersonal Finance). Investing in something at the top, then watching it plummet down!
  3. Thinking Of Owning An AirBNB Vacation Rental? (Costa Rica Fire); Some good points
  4. In my Workspace (Paul Sellers) A nice view of a long-term woodworkers workspace over the years
  5. 15 Best Things to Buy at Dollar Stores (Including Dollar Tree) for the Holidays (Kiplingers)
  6. What to Do If Your Tongue Gets Stuck to a Flagpole (Art of Manliness) Critical information for this time of year
  7. 98 Days – 14 weeks to go (Just Baggage Enough) Another countdown goes into double-digits.
  8. How Much is Enough? (Can I retire yet) The eternal question – and a very personal one
  9. Is it Possible to Retire at 32 with a $1M Portfolio? (Cash Flows and Portfolios) I’d be hesitant. A lot depends on where you want to retire to
  10. Cheerfully Cheap Ways to Save During the Holidays (Budget Life List) Don’t scrimp, but make sure you can afford it!
  11. All 63 US National Parks ranked by experts 2021 (More than just parks); For those looking to get out

Saturday Linkage:


  1. The Mutual Fund that Ate Wall Street (WSJ) Vanguard’s Total Stock Market Fund, a FIRE favorite, has $1.3Trillion (!) in assets.
  2. We only ever Talk about the Third attack on Pearl Harbor (But For what); Folks in the US Navy staged similar attacks twice in the 1930s – but they weren’t listened to.
  3. Selling Everything We Owned Has Been Truly Liberating (Route to Retire) Mrs. 39 Months would never go for this
  4. Why Rich People Avoid Consumerism (Darius Faroux) Marketing has made folks crazy trying to keep up with the joneses
  5. Average Income by State (DQYDJ Interesting data! We’re well above the median, but no where near the top 1%
  6. Money Mantras to Transform your Money Mindset (Funding Cloud Nine)
  7. 25 Days of Christmas – Cheap Christmas Activities For the Whole Family (My Debt Epiphany)
  8. Its Having Friends Not money that makes you Rich  (Evidence Investor) As I’ve gotten older, I realize this more and more
  9. 11 Ways to save money at Christmas (Kaybee Lives) Don’t overindulge at Yuletide
  10. Earning an Easy $250+ with Uber Eats  (Go Curry Cracker) The Gig economy has been a great development for a lot of people, including retirees
  11. How to Stay the Course to Financial Independence  (Retire by 40)

Saturday Linkage:


  1. Weekly Points: Highest Rakuten Bonus Ever, What Are Your Points Worth, Black Friday Sale To Hawaii and More! (Travel 101) Time to get out there!
  2. Four Ways To Use The ‘Great Resignation’ To Jumpstart Your FIRE Goals (Costa Rica Fire) Some good ideas on how to help move towards FIRE in these times
  3. Lack of intrinsic motivation will destroy your early retirement (Early Retirement Extreme) Excellent advice from one of the “old dogs” of FIRE
  4. Using Scraps (Paul Sellers) One of the curses of woodworking is we generate a lot of “offcuts” of wood that we don’t want to waste – but they build up!
  5. Nine ways to become more Courageous (Art of Manliness) Sound advice for everyone
  6. Life is a Positive Sum Game (the Escape Artist) Positive article about spreading the good news of FI
  7. Lessons Learned from 3 years Outside the Maze (Life Outside the Maze) It would be interesting to see a comparison of folks who did FIRE 2-3 years before Covid and the ones who did FIRE right as Covid hit.
  8. Dealing with Uncertainty in Retirement Calculations (Can I retire yet?) One of the issues all FI folks deal with in their journey
  9. So you wanna be a Stock Picker (The Irrelevant Investor) History has shown that I suck at picking stocks
  10. Are Bonds Done? (JL Collins) In the current environment, I think they are.
  11. A Prayer of Thanksgiving (Get Rich Slowly)

Saturday Linkage:


  1. What’s your Why? (Tic Toc Life); Why pursue financial independence?
  2. Where Americans find meaning in life has changed over the past four years (Pew Research) Various ways that people seek meaning in life
  3. Ten 5-Minute Money Actions to Help Your Finances (Becoming Minimalist) Some basic, some inventive
  4. The Most Important Decision in Life (Of Dollars and Data) Your relationships will force so many of your financial decisions, so choose wisely
  5. No Such Thing as Enough Money (Incognito Money) One of the keys to happiness is to be satisfied with what you have. Envy really is one of the deadly sins.
  6. Happiness is pretty simple (5am Joel); Very simple
  7. Early Retirement Paycheck Ruminations (Freddy Smidlap); A discussion of some of the variety of ways and needs for a retirement paycheck 
  8. How much money do you really need to live off dividends? (Mr Free at 33); I just haven’t seen a way to do this.
  9. Does inflation matter if you’re frugal? (Government Worker FI); Yes, yes it does!
  10. Fire Movement: The Uncomfortable Truth (Geny Money)
  11. Should We Eat the Rich? Wealth Taxes and Inequality (Bravely Go). Wealth taxes are a horrible idea, and have caused the downfall of so many civilizations over time.

Saturday Linkage:

Sorry I wasn’t able to do the Saturday linkage last week. Got tied up and ran out of time.


  1. Workers: Expect Higher Salaries and More Perks in 2022: (Kiplingers) The Great Resignation and Inflation are having an effect
  2. A Place for Everything (Including Certain Kinds of Work) (Art of Manliness)
  3. The Only 3 Expenses that Matter for Saving Serious Cash (Mr. Money Wizard) Housing, Transportation & Food. Still the bigger one is taxes!
  4. Lessons learned from 3 years outside the Maze (Life outside the maze) Good stories
  5. 60 Life List Ideas: An Adventurous Listicle (Budget Life List) Some ideas I might have to take up
  6. Even Zillow Can’t Trust Its Zestimates: How To Profit From Its Mistake (Financial Samurai) I want to invest in real estate, but the market is just too crazy
  7. How Much Time I Spend Managing Our Money (the Retirement Manifesto); Try to automate as much as possible
  8. 7 Ways to Reduce Money-Related Stress (Steve Adcock) As you approach FI, the stress will drop off.
  9. Aren’t You Bored in Retirement? (Route to Retire); Don’t retire away from something, retire to something
  10. The New Retirementality, Working in Retirement (ESI Money); My intention is to work to keep occupied and interested
  11. How to Protect Your Retirement from a Market Downturn (Kiplingers) Focus on your risk, have some “buffer” money in savings, and don’t make decisions based on emotions  

Saturday Linkage:


  1. 25 Free Things To Do This Weekend (My Money Chronicles) Nice list
  2. The Art of Not Taking Things Personally (medium.dave) This is one of my major failings
  3. Americans Are Overworked And Over Work (Buzz Feed) The great resignation hits home
  4. What makes a job meaningful? (Brookings) Along the same line as above – I think a lot of folks are asking this question
  5. Time Heals Wounds (Humble Dollar); Investing over the long haul can help reduce the effects of a drop. Just give it time!
  6. Downsizing In Retirement: Any Regrets? (Can I retire yet?) I don’t know how much we’ll do this – Mrs. 39 Months is a bit of a pack rat
  7. The 60/40 portfolio: what the warning signs are telling us (Monevator) It may be underpowered for the long haul.
  8. When Do You Finally Feel Rich? It’s Not Always About The Money (Financial Samurai) Some deep and not-so-deep thoughts on the subject
  9. Only Focus on What You Can Control (Second Gen Finance) The true idea behind Stoicism
  10. A One Car Family (The Moneyaires) It can be done
  11. Worth vs. Worth It: Homeownership (Grumpus Maximus) “Owning brings certain loss. Renting guarantees it.”

Saturday Linkage:


  1. The Forces Shaping Retirement in the 2020s (Kiplingers) includes topic like entitlement programs and flexible work in retirement
  2. Podcast: Do you want to be Rich or Wealthy (Art of Manliness) Why the difference matters
  3. The Best U.S. Dividend ETFs (Cash Flows & Portfolios) Good list
  4. Nobody Wants Cash Flow (The Irrelevant Investor) When money costs nothing
  5. Your First Rental Property (Get Rich Slowly) Some excellent tips when starting out
  6. Social Security Cost Of Living Adjustments: Too High For Our Own Good (Financial Samurai) But there are no signs of long-term inflation?
  7. My Evaluation of a Powerful New Retirement Tool: RISA (The Retirement Manifesto) Good evaluation of the “Retirement Income System Awareness” Assessment
  8. Getting a Mortgage Without a Job (Go Curry Cracker); It can be difficult at times for retired folks
  9. The New Retirementality, Retirement Failure and What Makes a Successful Retirement (ESI Money) Beginning of a new series on a book about your mental state in retirement
  10. 5 Sacrifices We Made In Our 20s To Be FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT In Our 30s (The Humble Penny) Nice story, but very frugal folks
  11. 10 Ways To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others & Love Who You Are (Making sense of cents) Envy is one of the seven deadly sins

Saturday Linkage:


  1. Financial Advisor Licenses and Designations (Oblivious Investor); For those thinking of getting professional assistance in their FI journey
  2.  Introducing The 90/10 Rule of Retirement (Retirement Manifesto); Its true- you spend 90% of your pre-FI time worrying about money, and only 10% of your post-FI time worrying about it.
  3. The Truth About Those Dollar Stores (Consumer Reports)
  4. What to do in the case of sustained Inflation (GMO); See, I’m not the only one worried about it
  5. How a $500 Monthly Allowance Saved Our Marriage (Slate); We worked with a “his money, her money, our money” way of budgeting for years.
  6. RV Dealerships Think New Campers Are Pieces Of Junk, Too (Jalopink) Well, there goes my dreams of the “van life”
  7. Scraping By? (Humble Dollar); Some shocking numbers of folks who make $50K – $100K just “scraping by”.
  8. Using Domestic Geoarbitrage to Retire Sooner (Can I retire yet) A very good strategy, if you can afford to move away from family & friends
  9. Real Estate Nightmares: Benefit From My Mistakes (Cananomics) So its not just the US, Canada is a mess as well
  10. Is Minimalism Over?…or is it Ramping up for a Major Resurgence? (Meg Nordmann)
  11. Sovereign Default, the Debt Ceiling, and the $1 Trillion Coin (Lyn Alden) Not sure it will every happen, but we are spending like “drunken sailors” in the US