Continual Learning throughout your Life

Sorry I’m a day late – I got tied up with work, which took up some time.

Speaking of work, I’ve got some mandated training on a new database package that my company is using to download and analyze data for our prospective customers. As is typical in our day and age, we’ve been asked to become trained and certified by the end of the year. So I’m a little busy.

As you may be aware, I’m involved with third party logistics, which involves doing the trucking and warehousing of other customers product. Often the customers don’t have good data, or its “messy” and needs to  be massaged to be able to make good decisions on for equipment, personnel, etc. I was pleasantly surprised at this new package, and I’ve enjoyed learning it. Its going to save time and offer a lot more options.

That brought to mind the need to continually learn throughout life – not just when young, but throughout your lifetime. You need to work on keeping your mind flexible and keep interested I new things as you age. Many retirees use travel for this, but I also think people benefit from classroom learning, learning new languages, and just gaining new experiences throughout their life.

I’ve planned to take some home repair and basic plumbing classes in early 2022 at my local technical institute. I’m still taking some classes for my professional work and I’m interested in both learning a new language and a musical instrument. The whole idea is to keep learning into my 60s, 70s and 80s.

How are you working to keep learning throughout your life


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