Dividend Account results – 2nd qtr 2020

As noted back in April, I altered my Dividend/Income account to reduce the bond allocation to 0, and increased the dividend stocks and REITS to a 50/50 split. The idea was to increase my dividend yield, as bonds had been performing poorly for the 3+ years that I had been using them.

The first quarter was somewhat successful (an 18.7% increase in dividend $) but a real bust as far as value (I dropped almost 30% in value) due to the market volatility. If I had kept the bonds, I wouldn’t have dropped as much. As usual, my short-term timing is poor.

For the second quarter, I had to shift my account from my bank (USAA) to Vanguard, because USAA was spinning off their investments to Schwab, and I didn’t want to have my investments in multiple companies (I currently use Vanguard, and Mrs. 39 Months uses TRowePrice). I may have missed a few dividend payments on this, so the numbers are a little suspect. For the 2nd qtr 2020:

stockDetailsInvestment valueYieldDividend
CSCOCisco Systems$6,996.003.09%$54.00
XOMExxon Mobil$4,472.007.78%$87.00
HRHealthcare Realty$14,645.004.10%$150.00
IBMInternational Business Machines$6,038.505.40%$81.50
ORealty Income Corp (REIT)$11,900.004.70%$139.80
SVCServices PPTYS TR$4,254.000.56%$6.00
MMM3M Company$6,239.602.83%$44.10
UMHUMH Properties$14,223.005.57%$198.00

For 2nd qtr 2019, I received 1,280.21 in dividends on $131,994 of investments – so 2nd quarter appears to be a “wash.” I’ve managed to gain back about 12% of the value back from the 30% that I lost, but still have a ways to go to build it back up.

Again, if I was using the account to live off the dividends, I could “let it ride” and let the investments build back up, while spending the dividends. I believe the “jury is still out” on whether the shift to stocks & REITS was a good decision or not. With the current US Fed and its interest rates, I don’t think Bonds will be a good return any time soon – unless you are willing to go into some very risky bonds.

Let’s see how 3rd and 4th quarter goes.

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