Do I double-down on TKD Woodworking?

I’m sure you all are aware that 2020 wasn’t that good of a year to start a new business.  Even a side-hustle has challenges, and TKD Woodworking is no exception.

I showed a lot of the steps that I went through in developing the company in my link to the right. It’s a fairly large set of postings on decisions on what to make, how much, and what to spend money on. I put a lot of thought into it, and work on the initial product line for selling.

Needless to say, the availability of craft shows and farmers markets in my local area were very small in 2020. I detailed how we did financially, and it was somewhat disappointing.

I’ve reached an interesting point in the business for year 2. I’ve put in roughly $4,100, and had $2400 in expenses for 2020, leaving me with roughly $1,700 remaining. In order to move forward in 2021, I still will have probably $1,000 in fixed expenses (insurance, webhosting, registration, etc.).

In addition, I’m interested in upgrading my website to make it more professional and be more receptive to e-Commerce. My webhosting company, BlueHost, is offering me a package deal of roughly $2,500 to upgrade my website (5 pages, up to 10 product pages, e-Commerce, Blog, etc.) and to do work on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to help publicize it.

I’m tempted to do this, as I think the website would look a lot better (I don’t like how it looks right now) and the potential for additional sales is tempting. Does anyone else have experience with folks helping to build their website?

Lots of fun, running a business.

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4 thoughts on “Do I double-down on TKD Woodworking?”

  1. I have always just built my own. If you’re mostly wanting an e-commerce site I’d look into adding Shopify (the Basic Shopify plan) instead. Assuming your site is on WordPress, you should be able to add that to your existing site. At a minimum I’d want a LOT more detail on what kind of social media work Bluehost will do. That price sounds high for likely just giving you a template.

  2. A couple of thoughts that might help your website.

    1. Use SSL and switch over to https
    2. Improve the quality of the photos for your products. Better lighting, some photo editing etc.
    3. Work on site speed. Both Google and customers hate sites that have slow loading times.

    Best of luck with your business.

    1. Thanks for the advice. I agree the pictures aren’t very good, and speed would be a big improvement.

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