This week, I’ve had both of my brothers come by to visit us for the week. My younger brother is in town for business (his company does environmental testing, with software and hardware). He’s doing some software upgrades for one of his customers. He tried to get them to do it remotely, and offered to send them some pre-loaded hardware, but they wanted him to “do it live” so he’s up here.

My older brother, when he found out, decided to come down as well. His work allows him to travel on his own, and I think he just wanted to get out. His son is also a resident doctor, working just across the river, and this would give him the chance to see him. So my house turned into a hotel for the week. We were able to set it up so they each got their own room. Nothing worse than having to share a bed with your 50+ year old brother!

Its great having them here, although we get on each other a lot (politics!) We know and love each other, and while busting on each other constantly (as brother’s do) we know we would do anything for each other, including giving our last dime to help the other out.

Often folks in life lose sight of the family part of their social life, especially as they are starting out in life. They go to school, move away for a job, start their own families, etc. Its only later in life, as friends move away, as contacts fade, as job satisfaction ebbs, that we circle back to the ones that were always there, and always will be there for you. That is why, whenever asked, I urge others to make up with family members – because in the end, they are the ones who will always have your back.

Stay healthy!

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2 thoughts on “Family”

  1. Such a great reminder about the enduring importance of family. I have a large extended family (our regular parties would exceed the recommended pandemic maximum quite easily!) While it took away a lot of weekends making the rounds of this person’s birthday or that person’s graduation, etc, in hindsight, especially with the pandemic, those memories are an irreplaceable and incomparable experience. I’m grateful to have had that time, and I’m so happy that you’re close to your siblings.

    1. Yes. In my wife’s family, she is close to her sister, but not her brother’s (they weren’t very nice to her as the youngest growing up, which carried over). While we have our differences, I do enjoy spending time with them, especially as we got older. I’m glad you have good memories of your family.

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