Frugal Tip – Another instance of doing some of your own home repairs

In light of my recent failure to take care of my home items, I thought I would take the chance to show that, yes I can do stuff around the house that helps keep our costs down. Doing your own home repair work and home maintenance is an excellent way to reduce your costs, live frugally, and learn some skills that you could, conceivably, turn into a side hustle as you move towards FI.

In this case, one of our toilets has been slowly leaking over time, leading to small amounts of water on the floor. This has caused some issues with the trim, and if not dealt with, could cause issues with the subfloor/flooring as we move forward. Better to jump on this now when the issue is minor.

My brother in law was a handyman/carpenter for most of his adult life, and I had the chance to work with him for a couple of months when I have first gotten out of the military. One of the things he told me was that replacing a toilet was easy, and once you had replaced three, you knew everything you needed to know and could do it with ease. “The problem is that most folks never replace three toilets in their lifetime” he said. He also commented that this was true with most home repairs/fixes – installing flooring, cabinetry, etc.

There is a great wealth of information through books and on the internet in reference to home repairs, so I’d urge everyone to consider it before they pay someone a lot of money to do some of the basic stuff.

In my case, I went and bought a $150 toilet at the local home repair store, about $40 of additional items needed, and read a bit on how to do it (I’ve replaced one before, but wanted to catch back up). Then it was on to the process.

  1. Turn off supply & drain the tank
  2. Remove nuts, lift off tank and toilet bowl
  3. Put wax seal on new toilet and install on floor with washer & nuts
  4. Attach tank and hardware (don’t tighten too much)
  5. Re-attach supply, fill tank & test for leaks
  6. Attach the toilet seat

Overall, the process was done in about an hour, and so far no issues. Saved probably $250 in the cost for a plumber to do it – it wasn’t very complicated. You just had to be willing to get a little dirty (not with crap, but with the wax seal, water, etc.)

Any experiences on your part doing home handyman work?

Mr. 39 Months

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