Getting started on a new project

Woodworking – getting started on a new project

Well, with the Christmas presents made and other projects complete, it’s time to prep the shop and get started on the next one. Whenever I start a large new project, I take the opportunity to clean up/prep the shop. A lot of that consists of cleaning up, and then sharpening/prepping the tools.

  1. Start with a thorough Thinning
    1. Empty waste cans & Dust Collector
    2. Throwaway wood <12” long
    3. Straighten up woodpile
    4. Shop vac (with bag) to Vacuum/clean up
  2. Tools: Don’t use ‘em, then lose ‘em
    1. Collect not using and get rid of them (ebay, give away, etc.)
    2. Clean Table saw blades
    3. Clean/spray cast iron surfaces of tools (table saw, band saw, etc.) – Topcoat or Wax
    4. Clean putty knives with random orbit sander
    5. Clean glue off of clamps with putty knife, then wax
    6. Touch up/Sharpen chisels & plane irons on 8000 grit water stone

Once that is done, it’s time to start laying out and cutting up the wood to start the next project. In this case, it’s a small kitchen island than Mrs. 39 Months wants. It’s going to look like a craftsman piece of furniture, with lots of mortise & tenon joints. I’ll try to shoot you guys some updates in the weeks ahead.

Hope your holidays are going well!

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