Giving Back – an important part of FI

Another aspect of our community is the idea of “giving back.” Whether its volunteering for charities, writing and speaking at conferences to spread the gospel of FIRE, or just participating in our communities, there is a strong theme of sharing/caring that you can witness is people’s actions and writing. Its one of the parts of our community that I really like.

Note: Not Mr. 39 Months. With my Native American ancestry, I can’t grow a beard at all.

About a week ago, I was invited as a member of my local professional society to speak to current college students on networking and interviewing for job prospects. While the majority of the students will probably enter the daily grind, and work 40+ years, I did take the opportunity to sprinkle in a few FI comments and encourage them to start saving money at the beginning of their careers.

For networking, we went over the various ways they could start building connections to people and businesses in their lines of work, and how they could use simple investigatory interviews/phone calls with people to determine if certain jobs suited them, and others didn’t. I suggested that they find an industry they were interested in, find (via the internet, linked in, etc.) someone in that industry, and ask them 3 questions:

  1. What do you like about your job?
  2. What do you not like about your job?
  3. Who else could I talk to about a job similar to yours?

People like to talk about themselves, so it should be hard to get people to answer these. With those questions, the student should be able to weed out jobs they don’t like, and discover new fields of work that they might enjoy.

Overall the students had a good time, asked a lot of good questions, and hopefully will take some of the ideas and move forward with them.


Mr. 39 Months

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