Gone to Market!


The Craft Show/Farmer’s Market season is closing down, and this weekend was the last time I’d get to “sell my wares” at the local farmer’s market. So TKD woodworking went to the local Burlington County farmer’s market to set up shop.

I always enjoy these, not only to sell, but to talk to other vendors and the people who stop by. I get a lot of questions and opinions/thoughts on the craft, and its always a joy just to engage in conversation with folks. Its been somewhat profitable at the shows, and I’ve gotten some commissions off of it which have helped expand the business. So win/win for everyone.

I hope everyone enjoyed my work, and I hope everyone reading has a happy and joyous holiday season!

Mr. 39 Months

4 thoughts on “Gone to Market!”

  1. Do you post your show schedule on your website? I’m local to you and I like to frequent outdoor Farmer’s Markets and Flea Markets.

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