Healthcare III

Well, as you remember from my last healthcare post, I was looking into the internet and to identify potential healthcare costs for the period between 56 and 65 (when Medicare is supposed to kick in). I started out with my current area in southern NJ, and came up with a list of 7 different plans. Healthsherpa also gives you estimated total annual costs, based on light, moderate or heavy usage. We were coming in around $12K a year for insurance, co-pays, prescriptions, etc.

I next wanted to see costs for healthcare in states we were considering moving to once we hit FI – Delaware or North Carolina (near Asheville). Delaware would enable us to keep close to where we currently are, and Mrs. 39 Months family. North Carolina would be closer to my family, and would have the benefit of being in the mountains (something both Mrs. 39 Months and I grew up with, and miss since we moved to Southern NJ).

First I checked out North Carolina, using the same steps that we followed in Healthcare II posting. Mrs. 39 Months really liked Black Mountain NC when we visited last year, so I’m going to use that. After researching, it looked like we could get $580/month back in reimbursement.

After going through the other parts (it started with 7 plans, I put in that we wanted a PPO and Silver) it came up with 3 plans to compare, all coming in similar to the monthly cost that we were looking at for NJ. The expected spend still ends up being around $12K a year.

For Delaware, we did the same thing and came away with:

  • Monthly reimbursement of $1,489/month (wow!)
  • Overall annual costs of around $12K/year

So it appears that, as of right now, we can budget about $12K/year for medical, based on what HealthSherpa is telling us. I will continue to do research on this in future postings, and I’ll let you know what I can find out.


Anyone have further information, or things you want me to look into for Healthcare?


Mr. 39 Months

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