I’m back baby!

Well last week was a real cause for celebration for me. As a lot of you know, I went through some health issues with kidney stones (medicine, catheter, operation, etc.) in late summer/fall. While everything worked out OK (so far) it put a crimp in my fitness training. I wasn’t really able to do much of anything (lifting, biking, swimming, etc.) and the result was degradation in my fitness level.

Well, starting in Nov/Dec, I was able to get back to the gym/home fitness area, and got started building back up. I had fallen out of the “habit” of doing morning fitness, so it took me a while get back into the swing of things, but by late December I was “in the groove” and starting to work my way back up.

Well, last week I finally reached the lifting level of where I was before all the health issues hit, and I am getting ready this week to push beyond that. In addition, I’m continuing to swim, bike and walk (can’t run due to knee injury) and I’m planning to push that as well.

Like most folks, health is a big factor in our plans for FI and both Mrs. 39 Months and I want to do a lot even as we age. I urge all of you to keep fitness as one of the forefront items in your life. It’s a lot easier to maintain fitness than to try to get back to a level you used to be at.

Mr. 39 Months

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