Investment Update Dec 2020 – What a difference a month makes!

Wow. Just Wow.

Not sure whether it’s the announcement of a potential vaccine, or the election being over, the market took all its pent-up energy and exploded. The investments were up across the board, and I’m sure everyone benefited from their investments shooting up. The result for us was an overall 10.7% increase in our accounts, and our annual number being pushed back into the “black” and the annual return rising to 7.53%. Maybe the year isn’t a total loss.

So our allocation is as follows, as of July 2020:

  • 20% Bond Index Fund
  • 20% S&P500 Index Fund
  • 20% International Index Fund
  • 20% Small Cap Index Fund
  • 20% REIT Index Fund

My 401K doesn’t have REIT option, so it’s just 25% for each.

  • Bonds were up 1.1%
  • S&P was up 10.9%
  • International was ups 13.0%
  • Small Cap up 16.9%
  • REIT Index up 10.1%

My dividend account new allocation (as of Jan 2020) was:

  • 50% Dividend Stocks
  • 50% REITs

The dividend paying stocks were up an average of 12.5%, and the REITS were up an average of 19.8%. Again, wow. The dividend account has been down all year and hasn’t recovered anywhere near what the 401K/IRA accounts have. Now its come roaring back. Hopefully it will end the year in the black.

I hope December is at least level, so that we can end the year in the black.

Hope everyone is healthy and your market returns for the rest of the year go up!

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