Investment Update Oct 2021

Like most folks investing, September was not “nice” to me. The S&P was down about -4.7% for the month, and just about every other mutual fund that I was investing in was also down, including my bond funds. If you remember, at the beginning of September, I changed my allocation somewhat you shift some money to dividend stocks and out of my bonds and S&P 500. Well, my dividend stock funds were down -4.5%, fairly close to the S&P. You just can’t win.

Still, I’m up over 10% for the year, and that is with primarily only 60% in stocks for the first 8 months, so its been a good year overall.

So my allocation, after my change in September is:

  • 10% bonds
  • 15% dividend Stocks
  • 15% S&P 500
  • 20% Small Cap stocks
  • 20% International stocks
  • 20% REITS

For investment performance in September, it came out to be:

  • S&P500: -4.7%
  • Bonds: -1.2%
  • REITs: -5.7%
  • Small Cap: -3.1%
  • International: -3.4%
  • Dividend stocks: -4.5%

I also have a Vanguard value fund (VVIAX) where I put in my after-tax investment money. That was down -4.0% for the month. I’ve been seeing a lot of articles of Value funds and ETFs doing better than the S&P500 – I guess we’ll see. I may do some additional research and write about this in the future.

My dividend account new allocation (as of Jan 2020) was:

  • 50% Dividend Stocks
  • 50% REITs

The dividend paying stocks & REITS were down an average of -4.1%. Still up for the year, with significant dividends. I’ll report out on 3rd qtr dividends in a later post.

October can sometimes be an excellent investment month, and sometimes (1929, 1987, 2008) it can be savage. I’m hoping it will be a good month. I’m up for the year, and the market has been on a tear since 2010, so overall I can’t complain.

Hope everyone is healthy and your market returns for the rest of the year go up!

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