Look out for the “End of Year” status reports!….

Well, its that time of year, the end-of the old year, beginning of the new. What we can look forward to over the next 30 days is a list of the performance of various FI bloggers, and their goals for the new year. Some insights on how their investment strategies worked out, what frugal tips worked (and which ones didn’t), what travels they made, etc. Get ready for it!


While some might look down on this, or find it boring, I actually enjoy seeing the information shared by our community. I always try to take away 1-2 things from each annual review, and try to integrate some of them into my plans for the new year. I also write about my wins & losses, and what I’m planning for the next year. It could be “navel gazing” but it helps me work out my objectives and what lessons I learned. So here goes…..

We’ll start the series of blog posts off with how I did with my goals for 2018.

Financial Goals:

  • Save $90K in my tax-defered, Roth and regular investment accounts. Score A. The final total was a little over $90K, when you take into account money put into savings.
  •  Increase dividend income to over $24K, so it covers33% of a sample $72K/year standard of living (roughly what we are living right now). Grade A. Dividends were $26,436, or a little over 36%.
  • Beat new worth growth rate of 7% (I’ve averaged 6.1% over the last ten years). Grade F. Markets tanked, and the result was a loss in my net worth of 1.9% for 2018. Not as bad as some folks, but still didn’t help me along the way to my goal.

Business Goals

  • Begin attending regular meetings of my local Real Estate association. Grade C. I attended an average of 1/month (even though there are at least 3/month that  I’m interested in). Plan to continue paying for membership and attending in 2019
  • Double the number of blog visitors in 2018. Grade A. Had around 2,000 in 2017, have 6,267 in 2018. Thanks to everyone who came & read, and especially those who commented. It helps me improve
  • Write/publish a book on finance. Grade D. I have a strong idea (in my opinion) and I’ve got 3 chapters worked out, but still a long way to go. Want to finish that in 2019. I did sell a few copies of my other book on Amazon, however.


  • Increase weight lifted by 10%. Grade B: I hit the goal, but other health issues pushed my fitness training off for 2 months. Just getting back to where I was.
  • Average 3 hours of Cardio per week. Grade D. Still only hitting a little over 1 hours (see health issues above)
  • Take part in one long bike ride (80+ miles). Grade F. Did not do
  • Backpack over 100 miles on AT. Grade C. Did around 80 miles. Other things popped up which kept me off the trail.
  • Reduce weight by 20 lbs. Grade F. Only reduced by about 2 lbs for the year. I was down in July, but the health issues kept me from exercising and I ate too much. Need to get back to it.
  • Read at least one book a month. Grade A+. This was one of the more enjoyable goals. Overall, I read 23 new books in 2018. I hate forgotten the joy of reading, and this one really opened my eyes again to it. Less time in front to the TV and computer/gaming, and more time reading.


  • Visit a National Park. Grade A. Hit two while on our trip to California.
  • Visit family in Tennessee, New York and Vermont. Grade B. Saw family in TN and NY, but didn’t get up to see my brother in Vermont (did see him in TN at Thanksgiving). Plan to do this next year.
  • Visit Portland OR and Northern CA. Grade A. Completed this in 2nd Qtr. A lot of fun, and didn’t get caught in the wildfires.
  • Visit Ashevill NC, Ellis Island, and go on an International Trip. Grade F. Didn’t complete any of these. Primary reason was lack of vacation days from work to enable us to do this. Another reason to hit FI?

Like most folks, it was a mixed bag for 2018. We did get a lot of things done, and made progress on a lot of goals. I’m reasonably happy with how the year worked out. Hopefully you can all say the same!

Next up for posting: How my investment strategy worked (uggh!)

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