Monthly update – Aug 1, 2017

Yeah, baby! Broke past the 3-year mark, and I am 35 months from Financial Independence!

In addition, my investments went up $14,372,77 for July, a gain of 1.58% over the previous month. Here I was moping in a previous email about my investment strategy not exactly working, and the market takes off in the last week. The big gainers appear to be the S&P500 Index funds and my International Index funds (Internationals have had a great year!). Bonds are up a little, and my REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) continue to do poorly – though remember that my REITs did very well in the previous 2 years.

Overall, the balanced portfolio that I’m following with my 401K/IRAs (30% Bonds, 17.5% S&P500, 17.5% International, 17.5% Small Cap, 17.5% REITs) appears to be doing OK. For the year, I appear to be around 7.3% up. I know everyone is expecting a “correction” sometime soon, but until then, I will keep with my allocation and rebalancing. In fact, in July I rebalanced about $15K from stocks into Bond index fund to get back to 30%. Its not doing well now, but it puts me in better shape if there is a correction. How is that for discipline?

My stock pick portfolio (that I’ve written about before) didn’t do as well as my 401K/IRAs. This just goes to show me that the standard of having most of your money in Index funds, with a small portion for “funny money,” seems to work for me.

I’ve got an interesting book for my next post on timing the market (long term) that I will get out soon. I think you guys might find it interesting

Hope your July was fun and fulfilling!


Mr. 39 Months.

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