Monthly Update for May 2017 (Month 38)


So how am I doing vs. my goals for 2017?


  1. Invest $33,000 in tax-advantaged accounts in 2017: Put in $4,660.87 into my 401K and Roth IRAs. Currently have put in $18,084 for year (including a 5.7K bump from part of my bonus). On track to hit it
  2. Invest $26,000 in regular accounts in 2017: Put in another $1,376.29 (my old mortgage payment). Currently have put in $16,881 (rollover money from Pop’s IRA and bonus money)
  3. Increased dividend income to $18,000: Won’t figure dividends till end of quarter, when a lot of them pay out
  4. Passive income covers 65% of base living expenses: Again, will wait till end of quarter to figure out
  5. New worth beats 6% growth figure: Assuming house worth stays equal (hard to figure out in this market), my net worth is up 5%, primarily due to investments. Looks like I should be able to hit my goal here.
  6. Begin attending REIA (Real Estate Investor’s Association)  Meetings: Will start in July
  7. Start a blog: Done in April
  8. Publish Student Finance Book: Done in April
  9. Increase weight lifted by 10%: I’m up 6% for year, but have plateaued for last 2 months. Part of it is just sticking to regular exercise
  10. Average 3 hours of Cardio every week: Currently doing a little over 1 hour. Not good
  11. Go on an international trip: Wife’s job status doesn’t allow for vacations till Oct. Will try to squeeze something in
  12. Visit a national park: Again, wife’s job status. Will probably try and hit Ellis Island this summer
  13. See the 2017 Solar Eclipse: August 21st! Unfortunately, we won’t be in the direct path, but I have family in Knoxville TN that will.


Investment Returns for May:

  • IRAs (30% bonds, rest split between S&P500, REITs, Small Cap & Int’l): +0.87%
  • Roth IRAs (30% bonds, rest split between S&P500, REITs, Small Cap & Int’l): +0.75%
  • 401K (30% bonds, rest split between S&P500, Small Cap & Int’l): +0.80%
  • Deferred compensation from work (30% bonds, rest split between S&P500, Small Cap & Int’l): +0.87%
  • Inherited IRA (set up for income; 25% REITs, 25% dividend stocks, 50% bonds): +0.78%
  • Personal investments (26% stock, 44% REIT, 30% bond ): -0.92%


Apparently, I continue to do poorly at picking stocks, REITs and bonds for my personal investments. I doesn’t help that I’m trying to get my personal investment allocation to match my inherited IRA. That means I’ve been buying a lot of bond index funds – and with rates going up, I’m getting hammered.


Overall, I’m pretty happy with May, and with the year so far. Month 38 is “in the can” and retired.


On to month 37!


Mr. 39 Months





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