Monthly update – Nov 2017

Keeping it rolling, only 32 months from Financial Independence!

While September was a good month (1.26% gain), my October was kind of “middle of the road”, with a 0.47% growth. I started the month with $946K of invested assets (not counting savings), put $4,108 into my various accounts (401K, Roth IRA, brokerage), and ended with $953K. For the year, all total, I am still up around 8.26% (September really helped push me up)

Bonds and REITs were down a little in October (-0.3%), while the equity markets were up (+2.3%). My dividend portfolio (from my dad’s inherited IRA) is down -1.4%, and my value portfolio is down -3.2%. So again, my ability to pick stocks individually does not come close to matching the index fund investing method.

In the value portfolio

  • CSS Industries stock was up 4.2% for the month, and about 7.7% since I bought them a couple of months ago
  • Gilead lost -7.5% in October, but is still up 10.3% for the year
  • Taho lost -8.9%, and is down 13.7% for the year
  • Overall result of value investing play ytd is 1.8% for the last 4 months, or 7.2% annualized. Still not competing with the index funds.

For November, I plan on continuing to put my investment money into my bond mutual fund. I want to get my allocation more in line there with a 33% REITS/ 33% bonds/33% stocks plan. This will call on me to probably buy bonds each month for the rest of the year

Hope your Halloween was scary and exciting!


Mr. 39 Months.

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