Now I’ve got Mrs. 39 Months thinking….

As we’ve approached FI ever closer, I’ve tried to engage Mrs. 39 Months in conversations about key aspects of our lives once we hit FI (where will we want to live, what do we want to do, how will we occupy our time, does she want to continue to work, etc.).

For the most part, she has resisted these conversations, and has even questioned my willingness to kick back & retire (She doesn’t think I can do it). Her greatest fear, like so many of us, is running out of money as she gets into her late old-age, and is unable to deal with it easily. She also knows that I have been a typical “type A” personality (take charge, prefer action, can’t sit still) and so believes I will go nuts if I retire.

At her place of work, they (like so many others) play the lottery as a group. As she was there talking with a coworker in the break room, they stated that they had a small winning at some part in their lives (about $600,000). That got Mrs. 39 Months thinking about what she would do if she won something like that in the lottery. When a group plays, you obviously don’t win the whole $100M, you win that divided by all the people in the pool.

When we discussed it while cooking dinner, she wondered what sort of income stream she could get off that. I talked with her about the 4% rule, and this would be about $24K a year/$2K a month. She then asked about how you go about creating that sort of income stream, so I had to go into the “3-bucket” method (2 years of cash, 3-5 years of bonds, rest in stocks) to create a safe method for withdrawing.

Suddenly, we were talking about our lives in the near future, whether we would work in low-stress jobs, etc. Its been some interesting conversations over the last week.

As we close in (just a little more than 23 months to go) I’m sure these conversations will get a little more intense and involved. Looking forward to it.

Along those lines, Minafi has an interesting article for dreaming about your FI lifestyle – writing up your perfect week


How have your discussions gone with your significant other?


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6 thoughts on “Now I’ve got Mrs. 39 Months thinking….”

  1. My wife’s sick of talking about finances these days, but she does appreciate the point. Ie we are essentially lean fire if anything goes wrong but the end of work is not near. Sometimes it’s enough just to know there’s not much to worry about.

    1. Yep. I find that most wife’s of FI folks just don’t have the burning passion that a lot of the husbands do. Still, I try and keep her informed, just in case something happens to me.

  2. Honestly…once you get married, its a partnership. You are pretty much both in it together. If you disagree on financial decisions, its harder to maintain the consistency you need for financial success.

    So, I think that “Mr. 39 Months” is pretty much on the right track in wanting to engage his wife.

    1. I agree its a partnership. What I find fascinating is the differences. Mrs. 39 Months came from a family with limited finances, so she has always been much more frugal than I am. Which is great. She taught me a lot about not just trying to buy happiness – and controlling my spending.

      The negative is that she isn’t a fan of investing (not interested in learning, not interested in seeing how we are doing). She took all the bonuses she got for 18 years at her previous job and put them into a savings account. Not even CDs – just savings. She has 6 figures in there now, and I can’t get her to move out of it.

      So I just assume that is our “emergency fund” and invest the other parts based on this. I’ve been a lot more aggressive than I would have been with just me, but its been OK. We are in good shape now, and cruising towards FI!

      1. Would she go for bonds or Tbills? That stuff is really low risk it might cut the difference between what you want to do and what your wife wants to do.

        Also, consider yourself blesses. I had an ex-girlfriend who developed a mental disorder and spent every penny she had.

        1. I will continue to consider myself blessed (32 years of marriage as of yesterday). As we get closer to FI, I want to have more discussions with her, so I’ll continue to work. If she doesn’t want to do it, though, I won’t push. The key to me is to make sure we both understand our finances, and are OK with it.

          Thanks for the ideas!

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