Quarterly Update – Apr 2021

Well, it’s mid-April, and the year has started out fairly well, all things considered. While the Chinese Flu continues to cause concern and create issues throughout the country, for the most part it appears the economy has continued to move forward, markets have stabilized, and the world moves on. There are still a lot of issues out there, but hopefully we are turning the corner.

My Goals for 2021 (some financial, some not):


  • Save $29K in tax-advantaged accounts – 401K, and Roth IRA.  Grade A. Saved $4.1K in our 401Ks for the 1st qtr. Plan to put my $14K bonus into the Roth in 4th Qtr once I know my tax status.
  • Save $41K in regular accounts.  Grade A. Good start.
  • Increase dividend income from all accounts to $27K/year (compared to 29K in 2019). Grade C. Dividends are down for the year in the major accounts/mutual funds. Was only able to put $5.8K in for 3rd qtr, which leaves me at $17.6K for the year. Unless 4th qtr is a “gang buster” dividend time, I won’t hit it.
  • Passive income covers 38% of base living expenses in retirement, estimated at $78K per year. Grade C, covered 23% of 1st qtr. However, my 401K and Deferred don’t report dividends separately, and usually 1st qtr isn’t a heavy dividend quarter. We will see.
  • Beat net worth growth rate of 7%. Grade A, because we’re up almost 3% / $70K for the year already.  


  • Attend twelve SJREIA meetings. Grade A; I’ve attended six already, just in the first quarter. My local market is pretty heated (like so many others). Still, its good to get the information.
  • Double the number of blog visitors in 2020. Grade F. Still not a large number of folks reading – maybe a little bump from last year.  
  • Sell $1,000 on TKD Woodworking (my side-hustle name). Grade: Incomplete. Website is up and running, I’ve tested the e-Com, and it appears to be fully functional. I’ve got two reservations at a local craft fair/farmer’s market. We’ll see how it goes.
  • Setup funding for TKD homes. Plan to get into real estate means setting up funding. While I’ve got a significant amount of money set aside to start this, I also need to explore additional funding methods.
  • Write/publish a book on finance.  Grade F: Haven’t done anything on this for a whole year. Not sure how to reboot this – need to try.


  • Regular Workouts with Gymanstic Bodies internet system: Grade A: I’ve gone through all the starter programs. Almost ready to start on their phase I program.
  • Average 2 hours of cardio per week, which is about what I’m doing now. Grade A. Walking daily, so hitting this.
  • Backpack over 100 miles on AT (did around 50 miles in 2020). Grade: Incomplete. Actually just got back from 4-days, 29.8 miles in Virginia, so I’m off to a great start.
  • Continue volunteering at Pennsbury Manor at their joiner’s shop (woodworking). Really enjoyed this. Incomplete. Site is still closed down
  • Reduce weight by 15 lbs. from Jan 2020 Again, I want to get in better shape as I get closer to financial independence. Grade B. I’m down 3 lbs in first quarter, but still have a long way to go, and the virus is keeping me from eating as healthy as I’d like.
  • Read at least one book a month. I surpassed this goal in 2018, and re-learned the joy of reading. Grade A. Six books in first quarter alone and I really enjoy it.


  • Visit one national parks (that is the plan, right now). Grade: Incomplete
  • Visit family in Tennessee, Vermont and New York. Family is very important to me. One of the things I am looking forward to with financial independence is the opportunity to visit family more often. Need to get up to see my brother in Vermont. Grade: Incomplete
  • A week with Mrs. 39 Months for our 35th anniversary. Grade: Incomplete
  • Visit Ellis Island. Still want to do this – its so close. As 50% Czech from immigrant great grandparents from the turn of the century, I believe they went through there, and I want to see it. Grade F. Cancelled.

How did your first quarter go this year?

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