Quarterly Update – Oct 1, 2017 (end of 3rd qtr)

Well, its early October, three-quarters of the way through the year, and another opportunity to compare my goals for 2017 to what I’ve actually done, both financial and personal/other. A lot of folks don’t like to do this sort of thing, but as an engineer and amateur financial junky, I actually love taking a look at these sort of things. Even when I’ve had a bad quarter (or bad year) I like to look at the numbers and see what my situation is, and the future outlook.

Ok, I’m a numbers geek.

So how am I doing in comparison to my goals for 2017 (the ones that I listed on April 30th)?

My Goals for 2017 (some financial, some not):

 Put in $33,000 in tax-advantaged accounts throughout the year. Grade A. I have put in $28,150 so far this year (including some bonus money) and am on track to hit my goal by December.

  1. Put in all bonuses, gifts, and our previous house payments into regular accounts (estimate of $26,000 year): Grade A. I have put in $22,375 so far this year, and I am on track to hit my goal by December.
  2. Increase dividend income from our investments to $18,000/year (and reinvest them): Grade B. I have $13,680 in dividends so far this year. Going to be touch and go to see if I hit this, but it looks like I am on track to hit $18,240.
  3. Get Passive income up to 65% of living expenses: Grade B. I am currently at 67.3% for the first 9 months. . To hit the goal I have to hope for some major dividend payouts in December.  We do continue to keep our living expenses low, though we did have to spend some money on home repairs which bumped it up a bit.
  4. Beat at 6% growth rate on our net worth: Grade A. I am at 8.64% so far, with three quarters of the year gone by. Even if the markets come back with 0 growth for the rest of the year, I’m good. Remember that the majority of my investments are in an allocation of 30% bonds, 17.5% REITs, and 52.5% stocks (split evenly between S&P500, Small cap and International)
  5. Begin attending local real estate investment association meetings, to learn about and begin preparing for real estate investing in 2018: Grade D. Went to first meeting in July, but haven’t joined the group yet. The last two months work has interfered with my ability to attend. Not sure when I will start investing in it, because all you hear right now is that the market is too hot. We will see. My goal here is to start studying and learning.
  6. Start a blog (i.e. this one). Grade A. Done
  7. Fitness: Increase weight lifted by 10% over the year. Grade D. Currently appear to have hit a wall, as I haven’t gone up hardly any for the last 3 months. Hurt my shoulder about a month ago, and that has set me back, and business travel has hurt me in September. Need to work on this.
  8. Average 3 hours of cardio each week. Grade D. Currently only averaging a little over 1.
  9. Go on an international trip. Grade D. Wanted to do something bigger this year, but Mrs. 39 months job situation killed chances for larger trip. Plan to go to Quebec or Montreal in October or November.
  10. Visit one national park. Grade D. Again, job situation hurt this. Have never been to Ellis Island, so may try for this.

So in looking at this, I think I am tracking well for the first nine months, with a lot of non-financial items coming up short.  Still got some work to do (especially in terms of personal fitness).

How are you doing on your goals for 2017?


Mr. 39 months

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