Saturday Linkage


Sorry I missed last week – got buried with landscaping work at home (dug up a lot of beds by hand, put down 5 cubic yards of mulch, planted perennials, etc.).

  1. Thoughts on passive investing “bubble (Early Retirement Now):
  2. Want to turn your finances around? (Simple Dollar);  8 things to remember at the beginning of financial changes.
  3. How to use Apps and websites to sell your stuff locally for free (tic toc life); Need to consider this for my side hustle
  4. Should I max out my 401K at the beginning of the year (Pete the Planner): What is the pluses and minuses of this strategy?
  5. Is our retirement in Panama Unexpectedly over? (Route to Retire); Some of the perils of retiring overseas.
  6. Why would anyone own bonds right now (a wealth of common sense); mirrors my own thoughts.
  7. The nine money and life lessons most people learn too late in life (CNBC);
  8. The Permanent Portfolio (the irrelevant investor); Interesting take on  a different type of portfolio to handle potential risks involving S&P500, one-month t-bills, long-term government bonds and gold.
  9. Celebrating Financial Independence wins along the way (Costa Rica Fire); Taking time out to celebrate the wins will keep the motivation high
  10. Action Creates Motivation (Get Rich Slowly); If you want to make changes in life, you can’t just plan, you must act as well.
  11. Seven Phases of retirement (Retire by 40); Good review of the progress from start to finish as you journey towards full retirement.
  12. Money Lessons they don’t teach in school (Four Pillar Freedom); Good list, including “owning assets leads to wealth” and Compound interest

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