Saturday Linkage

August 15, 2020

  1. Is it a smart idea to pay off rental property (Route to Retire); goes through the numbers on making this decision
  2. What will you do all day in retirement? (ESI Money); Review of an interesting book with good advice on what  you need to do to set yourself up once you’ve retired.
  3. Work Less (Zen habits); The benefits of shorter lengths of “more focused” work
  4. Why you shouldn’t ignore “active” income (The Fioneers); How even small amounts of income from a part-time job will help you achieve your goals quicker
  5. Money Mistakes in your 20s to avoid (Simple Dollar); some of these are very obvious, but people still make them.
  6. Why chasing returns is sure way to lose (physician Philosopher); Good analysis with numbers to show how many folks chase the hot “item” but lose out, because its already peaked and on its downslope when it becomes “hot.”
  7. Median Income for the middle class mass affluent (financial Samurai); For the 80% to 99%, its not as high as you think.
  8. Why real estate will always be more desirable than stocks (Financial Samurai)
  9. Is this the last hurrah for bonds? (retirement field guide); maybe not right now, but its coming close. The Fed keeps rates low to battle deflation, and its killing bond rates.
  10. The sweet spot (Mr. Money Mustache) how to reach that point where you can work as you want on stuff you want to do, and enjoy your lifestyle.

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  1. This is really helpful. I’ve been trying to research and been reading a lot about being financially free lately. Then I found your blog with lots of resources, thanks for this!

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