Saturday Linkage

Sep 20, 2020

Sorry its a day late. Went backpacking this weekend and just got back.

  1. Why does the stock market go up? (Four pillar freedom):
  2. 7 Ways to develop better money habits (life and finances);
  3. It doesn’t pay to be a jerk at work (CNN): In the military, we understood this, and always “paid into the ‘favor bank’”
  4. How to get and maintain and 800 FICO score (Financial Pilgrimage);
  5. Roth 401K withdrawals (Fitax guy): Some of the complications of withdrawing or transferring Roth 401Ks
  6. I am so over productivity porn (bitches get riches); there does seem to be an overabundance of this.
  7. Kicking yourself when you are winning (Mr. Tako escapes); For so many of us, we tend to focus on our failures and errors, rather than patting ourselves on the back for our wins.
  8. Back from the brink of financial oblivion (the escape artist); interesting interview where someone did a lot of work to repair his life.
  9. Should I increase my credit limit? (Half banked); Everyone will typically say “no” to start, but he lays out the benefits and problems with increasing your debt limit. Good read.
  10. There’s still no such thing as a free lunch (financial bodyguard); One of the biggest “pet peeves” I have is when someone talks about getting or giving away something for free (especially the government!). Someone is paying for it, no matter what – and its probably you!

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