Saturday Linkage

Sep 26, 2020

  1. 29 Psychological tricks to make you buy more (visual capitalist): sneaky marketers!
  2. Abundance mindset is more than money (money the wright way); Good article on how to feel abundant no matter what your net worth
  3. What are sunk costs and when to ignore them (women who money); Often we continue with a decision even though its not working out, because we have “sunk” time/energy/money into it. When do you walk away?
  4. How financial Aps get you to spend more (wired); Aps like Robinhood can have a very “dark side”
  5. Financial “rules of thumb” and when to break them (Kiplingers)
  6. Seems so Easy (humble dollar); The rules for managing your money is easy, but actually doing the steps is very hard
  7. Stop starting and start finishing (5 am Joel); the perils of multitasking
  8. Here’s why I love RV Parky (Route to retire); Ever wonder where you are going to park your RV on a cross-country trip? This Ap will help!
  9. How much money should you have saved for retirement? (The irrelevant investor); Rough levels you should have staged for each age of your life.
  10. No Judgement zone: Credit card churning (budget life list); There is risk in this strategy. If you are in control of it, itc an be rewarding – but you need to stay in control!
  11. Creative Grocery Shopping Tips to save money (my tipid tips)

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