Saturday Linkage

Oct 3, 2020

  1. Weekly Travel Update – Appeal of cash back cards (travel miles 101): With the Covid virus, cash-back card bonuses are getting another look
  2. How the Federal Reserve decisions affect your finances (Simple Dollar): A ot of folks still don’t understand the effects the Fed has on their daily lives.
  3. What is financial literacy and why its important (my tipid tips); We should be teaching this stuff in high school.
  4. The opposite of the latte factor (four pillar freedom); Instead of trying to cut $5/day out of your expenses, why not trying to earn an extra $5/day?
  5. Exploring is better than traveling (budget life list); what is the difference, and why is it important?
  6. How to Prep for a natural disaster (get rich slowly); Its hurricane season!
  7. How to make money playing video games (think save retire): seriously?
  8. Six most common retirement mistakes (retirement manifesto); Some of these are obvious, some not-so-much
  9. Five unusual reasons to love self-employment (retire by 40); I think the flexibility would be the big one for me
  10. The 2020 outdoors east coast owners rally (reflections around the campfire); cute story about the little-show that could in the age of Covid.
  11. All the president’s tax men (go curry cracker); creative tax strategies in the 21st century.

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