Saturday Linkage

Oct 17, 2020

  1. Goals vs. Systems (Scott Adams); In his book, he details how his ability to create systems in his life has benefited him much greater than setting goals.
  2. The wrong way to think about debt (White coat investor); Goes through some of the arguments to have debt in this low-interest environment.
  3. Recycling meets reality (knowable Magazine); Problems with recycling – the real costs and issues
  4. Retirement Simulator (MinaFi); Another MonteCarlo simulator you can use to compare your plans.
  5. Five Questions for your next Net Worth Update (Banker on Fire). Good questions to ask yourself.
  6. How much it costs to live in every state for 30 years, ranked. (My Money Wizard)
  7. How much money should you have saved for retirement (The irrelevant investor). Suggested amounts, by age.
  8. Four Minute Tour of 193 SF house in the heart of Tokyo (You Tube)
  9. Does Working from home work for you? (Monevator); Interesting discussion in the age of Covid.
  10. You paid off your Mortgage, now what? (A wealth of common sense); The next thing to do with that mortgage payment, once its all paid off.
  11. Reconciling three retirement goals (Financial Samurai); 25x expensies, 20x income, 0.5% withdrawal

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