Saturday Linkage

Nov 8, 2020

Sorry it’s a day late – Mrs. 39 Months and I went out to visit the beach yesterday and just got back. Guess this is starting to be a thing. Everyone wants to “get out” as this Covid goes on.

  1. Vacant land as a real estate investment (Costa Rica Fire); Another opportunity/option to investment – but you need the money to hold on – and remember opportunity cost!
  2. Dear Graduate, do you want to retire in five years? (Early Retirement Extreme); Older article, but still valid.
  3. Three ways a professional bookkeeper will save you money (my tipidtips); They can be valuable
  4. Does renter’s insurance cover water damage (the simple dollar); With  so many folks renting, its important to know what is covered, and what isn’t.
  5. Work is so slow at the moment (just baggage enough); Waiting for a restructuring  to happen, but its been delayed every year for a dozen year.
  6. Spend less to live more (budget life list); The general concept behind the FIRE, Frugality and Minimalist movements.
  7. Contributions to a dependent care FSA given Covid (Full time Finance) Some of the special medical options you have due to the Covid virus
  8. 59 year old teacher goes from house hack to 13 properties (Coach Carson);
  9. Americans are moving out of dense costly cities (Axios); a trend which will accelerate in the years ahead
  10. Pint sized home in Australia live large (the design files); I love architecture like this
  11. How the erratic stock market of 2020 rewards smart decisions (the simple dollar); Sort of what we all thought.

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