Saturday Linkage

Sorry its a day late. Was a little busy yesterday and didn’t get it posted.

  • Retiring in times of extremely low interest rates (Can I retire yet); Goes through the historical usage of bonds as retirement assets, and how the current low interest environment is changing the “perceived wisdom” in this regard.
  • Goals vs Systems (Scott Adams Says): The inventor of Dilbert discusses how goal setting is the wrong way to improve – you should create systems in your life that are self-perpetuating (i.e.  instead of “lose weight” set up a system to go to the gym every day).
  • Autumn Spring Cleaning & Lockdown changes (Just Baggage Enough): Things to do while on “lock down” and discussions of how their state is handling the “opening up.
  • The case against value investing (The irrelevant investor): Good argument on why value stocks have not delivered over the last 15 years – not really since the bubble burst.
  • Potential Problems with Starting a Business in a Crisis (full Time finance); Discussion on some of the reasons you may not want to start a new business during this Corona Virus.  t we do instead (Costa Rica Fire): They don’t budget in advance of spending, but they do track expenses – and adjust as it goes. They are also enthusiastic savers.
  • Is the rise of Indexing bad for corporate governance (Evidence investor); The article lays out how passive investing has been accused of passive corporate governance, letting top 500 company’s directors get away with stuff – but the evidence does not bear this accusation out 

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