Saturday Linkage

Nov 14, 2020

  1. Lifestyle Creep (We want Guac): The Difference Between Lifestyle Creep and Improving Your Life
  2. The opposite of the Latte Factor (four pillar freedom); instead of cutting $1,825 from your existing level of spending each year, try earning an additional $1,825 each year.
  3. 20 Years of home price changes (visual capitalist)
  4. Contentment (clipping chains); Contentment: The Greenest Grass of the Them All  
  5. Never Assume (Humble Dollar); Numerous financial assumptions we make (richer people are happier?) that we shouldn’t.
  6. Entire FIRE community falls ill from Tainted Ramen Noodles (Accidental FIRE); Ha ha
  7. Budgeting that you won’t hate – backwards budgeting (physician philosopher)
  8. Spend less than you earn is the most important money habit (late starter fire); The first steps in achieving FIRE
  9. Consider but verify (freedom is groovy); With the current state of journalism today, you need to take everything written with a “grain of salt” because most of it is just pushing a narrative.
  10. Ten ways to sabotage your finances (retire by 40); Some are pretty obvious, some not so much.
  11. $1.3M in net worth, yet just scraping by right now (route to retire); Its not just your net worth, it’s the cash flow you can generate from that net worth

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