Saturday Linkage

Nov 21, 2020

  1. What happens when you get everything you want (Why we money); Good philosophical article on reaching for goals and resetting – and how to embrace happiness now vs. immediately resetting new goals and never being satisfied.
  2. Two Years without health insurance and what I’m doing about it (Mr. Money Mustache); Easier to do when you are young and fit  
  3. 5 Ways Gig Economy Workers Can Save for Retirement (Wisebread); Basic ideas
  4. Documents Required for a Personal Loan (The Simple Dollar); An expensive way to borrow, but often the only way to consolidate debt or move forward. Don’t abuse it (debt).
  5. 3 Points You Should Do When You Are Losing Your Job (my Tipid Tips); Good points if you reach that point in your life
  6. How Our Pursuit of FIRE has Helped Us During the Pandemic (Retiring on My Terms); Taking control of your life decisions can help in any situation
  7. My Credit Scored Decreased Thirty-Four points! (Budget Life List); Credit utilization increased a lot, and only made minimum payments a couple of times. Ouch!
  8. Twitter thread on the logic of paying off your mortgage (; I know the numbers, but I still prefer to be debt free. In this age of uncertainty, with the potential for a financial tsumani hitting, I want to be debt free.
  9. When the dust settles (Irrelevant Investor); If you keep waiting for the “dust to settle” so you have the right time to invest – you will never invest.
  10. Peloton Alternatives: Get in shape without breaking the bank (Think Save Retire);
  11. A drive across America: Trip #2 (The Retirement Manifesto); A lot of retirees dream.

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