Saturday Linkage

Nov 28, 2020

  1. Be an Owner (Four Pillar Freedom); Excellent advice that is the core of financial independence.
  2. End of year financial checklist for high earners (passive income MD): For those making well over six-figures, there are certain steps that you can take to optimize. What
  3. Tips for Transitioning to early retirement (dragons on fire); Preparing mentally, managing expectations, be willing to take risks and to change.
  4. The End of passive investing (Banker on Fire); author writes about the standard arguments for active investing and the issues with them.
  5. Is Early Retirement Selfish? (1500 days); Goes through the standard arguments against FIRE, and rebuts them with excellent reasons to retire early.
  6. What if FIRE doesn’t work? (Monevator); Author riddled with doubt and concern, and discusses some of the issues when “The FIRE dream dies.”
  7. Life Moves On – 2020 Has Changed us (Cracking Retirement); What was important a few years ago may be less important now.
  8. Book review – How to Reinvent yourself in Retirement (esimoney);
  9. Are you too Frugal? (retire by 40); I think a lot of folks are 80% frugal, and they spend on the 20% of the items that really matter to them
  10. Always get a second opinion (full time finance); Good discussion on affiliate links on blogs, advertising in the internet age, and how a lot of items advertised on financial websites are not good options.
  11. The Prestige Trap (Wes Desilvestro);

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