Saturday Linkage

Dec 12, 2020

  1. Start meeting your Money Goals with a Yearly Budget plan (Cash for Tacos); A good place to start if you are just getting started on the FIRE trip
  2. How Large Money Managers Control our Economy (Economic Liberties); Really something to be concerned about going forward
  3. The difference between 10-yr and 20-yr student loans (Simple Dollar); Payment schedule and effects of 10 vs 20-year
  4. Paying yourself first – 6 ways to automate your financial life (Physician on Fire)
  5. When’s the right time to sell (the irrelevant investor); Some good points on how to analyze when to sell a stock you have
  6. Average American debt by Generation (DQYDJ); Kinda sad that folks are in that much debt.
  7. FIRE: A few things I’ve learned along the way (financial bodyguard)
  8. What to expect from Early Retirement (Freedom is groovy); Looking forward to some of these, and interesting in how to deal with some of the others.
  9. How we minimize our Big 3 Expenses (Retire by 40); Housing, Transportation and Food.
  10. The Mad Retirement Rush of 2020 (Retirement Manifesto); Some of its forced retirement, some of its voluntary
  11. Myths and misconceptions about financial independence and early retirement (Get Rich slowly)

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