Saturday Linkage

Dec 19, 2020

  1. How American Invests (; Long report with detailed data on how Americans have invested in 2020. Good read if you can get through it.
  2. A case for claiming social security early (ESI Money); This analysis is based more on folks who have their retirement already funded – what to do with their Social Security? In this case, it may be best to claim early.
  3. Using Leverage and Passive Income to achieve FI (Physician on Fire); using the leverage of your knowledge & experience, financial strength and time to invest in other people’s deals and hit your goals. Interesting idea.
  4. Friday Frugal Five (Tread Lightly Retire Early). Every week this site goes over five ways they’ve been frugal, including home cooking, walks in a national forest (vs. expensive vacations), etc.
  5. Three reasons it might be better to rent in 2021 (the simple dollar); I’ve noted that with the 2017 changes to the tax laws reducing deductibility, it often is better to rent vs. buy, as long as you invest the difference.
  6. How to start your financial life (a wealth of common sense); Good podcast on what you need to do starting out.
  7. Repairing a damaged 570 credit score up to 820 (budgets are sexy); Goes through story of a guy, how a credit score is calculated, and the steps he took to raise hi score over time. Entertaining reading!
  8. Seven Decluttering tips from the Minamalist home (Becoming Minimalist); Mrs. 39 Months would never agree to any of these. 9
  9. Fun, Frugal Toys you can make at home to save and entertain (financial Samurai); The kid always plays more with the box….
  10. How are normal people supposed to save for retirement (tony isola); The age old complaint – its only special folks who can achieve FIRE or retire
  11. Seven takeaways from my second year of FIRE (mina fi)

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