Saturday Linkage:


  1. Don’t Watch, Read or Listen to Mainstream News (Freedom is Groovy); Since November, I’ve been on a “news blackout” and I’ve been a lot happier.
  2. A brief history of consumer culture (The Reader); Interesting notes about the dawn of consumerism in the 2th century.
  3. Keeping your medical records could save your life (One Frugal Girl); Tale of woe going to various specialists and them not having vital information on her condition, and how to request your medical information.
  4. Financial Advice on the Internet (Wallet Hacks): thoughts on when to take advice/ideas and when to pass on them.
  5. How to plan your days, months and years (Darious Foroux): For those of us who are planners, it’s a good article on how he plans his life, and how that worked out. Excellent read
  6. Its time to prepare for the market to get weird (A Wealth of Common Sense): Interesting discussion on how the Fed and elections may affect the markets and economy going forward.
  7. 2020 Goal review (Time in the Market): He didn’t do to well 
  8. Guide to Better Budgeting (My tipid Tips); Simple steps, easily applied
  9. Scared to Death of Early Retirement – no More! (Go Curry Cracker); Five years in, this couple provides update on how their doing.
  10. A Year Long Spending Moratorium (Get Rich Slowly); Useful exercise in only spending on essentials for a period of time.
  11. Common Real Estate Investing Mistakes – and how to avoid them (Women who money)

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