Saturday Linkage:


  1. Living your Values (the three year experiment); Discussion on being around people that differ in your values of thrift, etc. and how you can use your own values to live.  
  2. Five Lessons from game stop insanity (tony Isola); It really is nuts
  3. When Cancer and Retirement Collide (the retirement Manifesto); A Retire Early candidate runs into health care issues – lessons learned.
  4. Ten signs you are not a YOLO investor (a wealth of common sense). More info on the GameStop madeness.
  5. When they start to lose, they change the rules (dollars and data). Interesting story from the 1920s with ramifications on the Gamestop fiasco.
  6. Are you too frugal (retire by 40); Good measurement/equation to determine if you are too frugal, or not frugal enough!
  7. Thirteen Common Financial Planning Mistakes (Compounding Pennies)
  8. What Home Insurance Doesn’t Cover (the Simple Dollar); Some surprises if you aren’t aware.
  9. Choose FI over FIRE (Physician on Fire); I think most of us in the community embrace this – not necessarily to retire early and just sit around, but to gain independence to do more of what we like.
  10. The difference between wants and needs (The Dollar Stretcher); In order to achieve FI,m you have to spend less than you make.

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