Saturday Linkage:


  1. Golden Handcuffs (becoming minimalist); What is keeping you in your job?
  2. Rethinking the 4% safe withdrawal rate (Get Rich Slowly); Discussion on whether the 4% rule is still valid – Bingen says yes, but this article begs to differ
  3. The Wealth Trap (millennial revolution); How Covid has affected aspects of this traveling couple their lifestyle, and that of their friends/peers.
  4. Be true to yourself (one Frugal girl); How someone’s actual life changed their views towards possessions over time.
  5. Young FIRE bloggers remind me of Good Will Hunting (My quiet FI); Knowledge vs. Experiences.
  6. Time to build a Lazy portfolio (the frugal expat); Not exactly a “set it and forget it” portfolio, but ones that take very little monitoring or adjustments.
  7. There is value in chilling out (pick up pennies); For all those super-FI folks out there with 10+ side hustles, good for you! Just don’t sneer at those of us not interested in starting stuff up for a variety of personal reasons.
  8. Eleven Ways to Avoid Probate (Physician on Fire); Good advice for those either preparing their plans or counseling others on it.
  9. Why having “enough” feels so elusive (radheads). Excellent read about the physcology of “having enough” vs. continuing on the treadmill.
  10. The difficult path to wealth (1500 days); Lessons which are not hard to understand, but difficult to do.
  11. Are we in a stock bubble (the retirement manifesto); His answer is yes, and he gives some ideas on how to plan for the next crash.

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