Saturday Linkage

  1. The Amazing tax benefits of early retirement (Can I retire yet); Goes through the tax implications of the last few years leading up to retirement, and how its possible to pay very limited taxes in retirement – even early retirement!
  2. Make Do & use what you have (the three year experiment); Interesting article about using the items you already have and fixing them instead of always buying something new.
  3. Why liquid net worth is so important for your finances (of dollars and data); The majority of net worth for most Americans is tied up in their homes – but you can’t eat your homes. You need to have a significant portion of your net worth is assets you can spend, especially as you move towards retirement.
  4. Low bond returns are nothing new (a wealth of common sense); Article details that bond returns, measured against inflation, were not very good from 1940-1979. The current bond returns appear to be historical.
  5. Revenge of the Latte Factor (Monevator); Arguments against “false –frugality” of David Bach’s Latte Factor
  6. Could the Coronavirus led to larger homes and office spaces (; My take is that all this working from home will lead to smaller office spaces, more hoteling, etc.
  7. Getting my wife on board with the FIRE lifestyle (Budgets are sexy); The eternal issue of one part of a relationship “taking the red pill,” and then having to convince the other to go along.
  8. What is most important – Earning more, spending less, or investing? (Life outside the Maze); Interesting run down of the numbers
  9. Buying into a Bear Market (Retirment Manifesto); Goes through his strategy of buying over the last several months as the market dropped – and its result.

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