Saturday Linkage:


  1. The life Plan (Darious Foroux); Good article on planning out your life, and then executing to that plan.
  2. Four Ways Financial Independence Changed our lives (financial mechanic); No surprises, but good to see it happening like many of us want it to for us
  3. The Diminishing Returns of Productivity (anne Helen); You can only go so far with productivity “hacks.”
  4. I tried to get rich of Dogecoin and all I got was this lousy blog post (government worker fi);
  5. Traditionally Publishing a book – the Pros and Cons (Financial Samurai); Ever wanted to write a book and get it published?
  6. Is it a  mistake to pay off your mortgage early? (budgets are sexy); we paid off ours and it lifted a huge weight. With the economy the way it is, being debt free is a major plus, in my opinion. /
  7. Most people can’t save money because of this common misconception (money side up); Always pay yourself first
  8. Five outdated money tips that everyone still believes (a lawyer and her money); I still follow #4 and #5
  9. When did ordinary become a bad word (money gremlin); With the advent of Facebook and other social media, everyone is chasing and showing these exceptional experiences – but most of life is very ordinary.
  10. How much does it cost to live the FIRE life (eat, sleep, breath FI); One person’s attempt to gather data from a variety of people for an ongoing series
  11. Building a small Apartment Workbench for Woodworking (Close Grain). Love this design, based on an older 19th century plan, and how it can be used for apartment folks.

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