Saturday Linkage:


  1. Negative Taxes (FI Heroes); A great article on how a recent retiree is able to pay “)” taxes due to planning – actually, they get a refund of over $4K from the government. Definitely a must read!
  2. An ice-cold update (get rich slowly). JD Roth dealing with some of the weather related issues the US has been having.
  3. “Fake Famous” and the Tedium of Influencer Culture (New Yorker); I hate influencer culture.
  4. Change the Name; Change the Mindset (average money management); just changing the name f rom “credit cards” to “debt cards” will make you look at them differently.
  5. Facing Adversity In Early Retirement (Retire by 40); What to do when you start having some issues that impact your original plan.
  6. What to Look For in a Laptop — And How to Make It Last (Trip of a lifestyle); Excellent advice.
  7. How I Knew I Had Enough To Retire Early (Leisure Freak); Good conversation on the milestones, information and hurdles that make up reaching the decision point.
  8. Active vs. Passive Investing Debate (Banker on Fire); In the end, the key is to invest and stick with it.
  9. How North Face Athletes Compete for Expedition Funding (Outside); Interesting article
  10. The Math That Explains How to Get Rich with Websites (four pillar finance) Guess I’m falling down on the job here…
  11. Emergency Preparedness: Prepping For Spontaneous misadventures (budget life list); Mrs. 39 Months and I have been watching survival shows lately (Alone, I should be dead, etc.) Got the bug!

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