Saturday Linkage:


  1. When you can afford to retire but are afraid to quit your job (CostRica Fire); The eternal struggle of all FIRE folks!
  2. The Simplicity of the 50/30/20 Budget rule (dividend power); A simple form of setting your budget – great to start with!
  3. Frugal vs. Cheap (Bellawanana); Which are you?
  4. Ten Biggest Money Mistakes (Dollars and Data): the blog post that launched a reddit avalanche!
  5. Fifty Reflections on Life after FIRE upon turning 50 (retire by 45): Some obvious, some not so obvious
  6. Make Fewer things in life matter (the finance buff); Excellent advice on how to reduce your stress level and concerns by taking steps to make the minutia matter less. Plays into my Stoic attitude.
  7. How much money is enough? (Rinky doo Finance): Good analysis and questions on how to get a handle on “the number”
  8. Money can buy happiness after all (visual capitalist); Apparently it doesn’t plateau at $75K – it does continue to increase as you make more.
  9. Why FIRE people can sometimes be short sighted (save, spend, splurge); There are all sorts of levels of FI, and all sorts of variables that may impact you as you travel along your post-FI journey.
  10. Why retirees go broke (the retirement café); No surprises, but not items which most FIRE folks haven’t considered.
  11. Being Rich – What would change in life? (Route to Retire): Hopefully nothing in your “core” would change.

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