Saturday Linkage:


  1. It’s Good to Be a Little Obsessed with Early Retirement (Retire by 40); “A little obsession is a good thing…”
  2. How to Prepare for Prosperity (his and  her money); Good advice on steps to take to gain prosperity
  3. We Have a Lot of Cash in Hand Now… Too Much! (Route to Retire); what to do when your cash equivalents get too large.
  4. The impact of covid on budgeting (Full Time Finance); Just about everyone’s budget have been thrown for a loop due to Covid
  5. Fixed and Variable Rate Loans: Which is better? (The simple dollar); as usual, it all depends on the situation.  
  6. Get Rich versus Stay Rich (The Belle Curve): How do you go about keeping what you’ve saved
  7. The Power of Low Expectations (Get Rich Slowly); The First Rule of a Happy Life is low expectations.
  8. The Illusion of Control (Financial Superstar); Never be afraid to ask for help
  9. How Dollywood gave me a glimpse of retirement (X Ray VSN); Cute story!
  10. Changing Financial Goals (just baggage enough); As Covid continues and life changes, your financial goals change as well
  11. Four Life lessons from the Pandemic (Life outside the Maze); Simple, easy to remember lessons.

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