Saturday Linkage:


  1. The 2021 Early Retirement Update (Living a FI); A long story, filled with ups & downs after achieving FI. A must read.
  2. Couples First year in early retirement (the dragons on fire); Interesting reading for those of us approaching the big day  
  3. Travel Hacking: How We Escape the RV and Vacation for (Almost) Free (Heath and Alyssa); Cute stories about travel hacking
  4. 10 Wise Investments and Other Uses for Your Stimulus Check (retire before dad); Better than spending it on a big screen TV
  5. Get Rich Quick vs. Get Rich Slowly (the FI journey); Good advice on going wither route.
  6. The Easiest $486 I’ve Ever Made: How To Use Cash Back Credit Cards To Your Advantage (Frugal Woods). Excellent use of cash rewards to make some spare cash
  7. Invest in Index Funds and Gamble a Little (Even Steven Money); Maybe 10% of your portfolio is “play money”
  8. How no student loan payments changed my life (Richful Thinker); Some people used the loan moratorium to greatly improve their financial situation
  9. Health Incentive Programs: A Lost Benefit Raider (Budget Life List); Another frugal way to earn cash & prizes!
  10. The Five Hour Workday (Four pillar finance); Only spend time of tasks that “move the needle” instead of meetings, socializing, etc.
  11. My life philosophy: 52 lessons from 52 years (Get Rich Slowly)

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  1. Hi! Thanks for linking our post! So kind of you. Rooting for you as you approach your big day. Some diverse posts that we’ll have to read up on as well! Cheers! Dragon Gal

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