Saturday Linkage:


  1. Is it time to ditch bonds (millennial revolution); I’ve asked myself that question before.
  2. Work Life Balance or Success (Steveark): Having a good work-life balance pretty much precludes you from being a CEO, Top Coach or top Politician
  3. The Cost of a Comfortable Retirement, by country (Frugal Wheels); This is pretty subjective, but interesting!
  4. What can investors do in the face of low returns? (Monevator); A lot of folks are predicting lower than normal returns for the next 10+ years, especially after the latest run up.
  5. The Generational Wealth Gap (The irrelevant Investor); Boomers have historically held a higher percentage of household wealth over the years (no surprise); The later generations have definitely been hit by the financial crises in the past 20 years.
  6. US Active Managers Flopped again in 2020 – Morningstar (the Evidence Investor). Big Surprise! Not really…
  7. Finally Bought My Beachfront Dream House! (Financial Samurai); A lot of folks have this dream.
  8. Money Lessons Not Taught in School (the frugal expat); Some very basic financial information isn’t taught, and it would help a lot of people if it was
  9. How to separate your self worth from your Professional life (Tis but a Moment); This is the curse of my Baby Boomer Generation – we tie up our identity with our jobs
  10. 5 Behaviors I Thought Meant I Loved My Job, But Were Actually Unhealthy (the Financial Diet); Do you really love your job? /
  11. How To Prevent A Layoff From Destroying Your FIRE Plan (Costa Rica Fire): For those still working towards FI, words of wisdom to prepare.

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