Saturday Linkage:


  1. Envy Is the Cancer of the Soul (More to that); I truly believe that, and I battle it constantly! Its one of the seven deadly sins.
  2. The Problem with Always Wanting More (becoming minimalist); Sensing a theme here?
  3. After Being Poor, Your Financial Anxiety Remains (We Want Guac); I see this with Mrs. 39 Months – it stays with you for a lifetime.
  4. Four Pillars of Retirement: Money, Purpose, People, and Health (My Money Blog); Most people say that they hate work, but working takes care of more than just the money pillar.
  5. How to Build Wealth in your 50s (banker on Fire): It’s possible, even for those who come lateto the FI game.
  6. The Omnipresence of Work (more to that); With the advent of technology, it seems you just can’t escape work, even at 2am on a Saturday
  7. People Love the idea of a 20-minute neighborhood. Why isn’t it top of the agenda (The conversation); Maybe because previous attempts at government urban planning have failed miserably over the decades?
  8. What is Financial Independence? A Hybrid Model (The physician philosopher) Discussion of the various calculations, pluses and minuses of calculating FI
  9. How To Convince People You Are Middle Class When You’re Actually Rich (Financial Samurai); I don’t think this is an issue with most FI people – we are naturally frugal.
  10. Returning to the Office is My Nightmare (time in the market): This is true for so many people I know
  11. It’s Hard To Kill The Stock Market (tony Isola); Folks have been trying to do it for 150+ years, but its pretty resilient.

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