Saturday Linkage:


  1. Countdown to Retirement, Part 1 (ESI Money); Links to a thread where someone is counting down his days to retirement, and what he’s doing on each day. Good tracking and good ideas.
  2. Six Lessons From a Year Without a Job (Clipping Chains); Interesting notes on the changes in the first 12 months.
  3. Award Travel Series: Getting to Hawaii for Free with Ultimate Rewards (Go Curry Cracker)
  4. Early Retirement Budgeting (the Dragons on Fire); Good notes on budgeting process for early retirement
  5. Reinventing The Wheel (the Retirement Manifesto); Author believes we should be “reinventing the wheel” in our lives constantly, even after retirement.
  6. Time to Sell? (JL Collins); the age old advice still holds – determine your asset allocation and stick to it. Don’t try to time the market, either up or down.
  7. Vacations on a budget (budget life list); Some good ideas to cut some of the costs while spending on the things you want on your vacation
  8. The Power of Writing by Hand (the Art of Manliness); I do an awful lot of writing by hand.
  9. The Most Important Rule in Investing (Compound Advisors); Know what you own, and why you own it what
  10. How people get rich now (Paul Graham); In 1982, it was still primarily by inheritance. Forty years later, its primarily by starting a tech company
  11. Financial Independence Requires Hustle, Then You Can Coast (stop ironing shirts); I think this is true of so many facets of life.

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