Saturday Linkage:


  1. First, Money Woes. 6 Years Later, Dementia (Squared away blog); this runs in my family so I’m concerned for my Mom, and for me.
  2. How Much Should You Have Saved For Retirement Right Now? (The College Investor); the standard “how much you should have saved up by age bracket” question. Most FIRE folks kick this in the butt. t/
  3. Mobile Home Investing: $10k a Month in Positive Cash Flow (Side Hustle Nation); Interesting….
  4. What Information Do You Need in Order to Change? (FS blog); The importance of feedback in making meaningful change
  5. 5 Ways Money Buys Happiness (BFS #3) (Passive Income MD); “If utilized in the right way, it can give you a better chance at finding it”
  6. The Case For A 100% US Equity Portfolio (Banker on Fire); Unfortunately, as I proved earlier in the year, I can’t sleep with this allocation.
  7. The Return Of The 60/40 Portfolio Plus Alternative Investments (Financial Samurai) The old allocation “isn’t dead yet”
  8. The case for looking beyond the S&P 500 (Evidence Investor); I believe you should always include a mix of small cap and foreign stock index funds.
  9. How not to lose yourself in retirement (Millennial Revolution); Change can be good or it can be bad.
  10. When Everything Goes Wrong (Or Why Some People Will Never Get Rich) (Banker on Fire)
  11. 5 Habits To Gain More Freedom Before Reaching Financial Independence (Fi scribbles) Good advice on your journey

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