Saturday Linkage:


  1. How to Increase A Credit Score to Better Than Before (Budget Life List); Simple but manual solution
  2. Tips for the Road #5 – Codes (Othalafehu); Hobo codes to decipherer on the road.
  3. Tax-Loss Harvesting (The retirement manifesto); Making the most of your losses
  4. Early Retirement Budgeting – Our 2021 Budget (Dragons on Fire); Good example.
  5. It Takes More Than Money to Retire Early Interview: Tawcan (Retire by 40)
  6. Go Curry Cracker Asset Allocation 2021 (Go Curry Cracker); Good example of an allocation for someone who has retired
  7. Retirement – 10 Years On (Cracking Retirement); Ongoing tales of people who hve made “the plunge” and retired.
  8. More from a Lived Life (Paul Sellers). Lifestyle Woodworker giving insight into his life.
  9. Are You Prepared for the Coming Existential Crisis? (The Art of Manliness); Its coming.
  10. How to Become Rich? DON’T Buy Into These 8 Money Myths (Money Self Made);
  11. Having Enough is Having it All (Slightly Early Retirement); This is the eternal lesson which FIRE teaches.

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